Review: The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller



The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller was a fun, light, and tug at your heartstrings contemporary romance. Miller establishes quite a small town in Mustang Creek. Hadleigh easily won my approval. That girl went through quite a lot in her short amount of years. Hadleigh is clearly a fighter. She’s taken over her grandmother’s shop and is doing something she loves. Not only is she providing her services in Mustang Creek but she’s being a smart businesswoman and taking her tutorials online. Tripp won me over pretty easily too. He too has been through a lot and he comes home to take on more challenges. Tripp has a “get it done” attitude in almost all aspects of his life.

I really truly enjoyed reading The Marriage Pact it was easy to just fall right in. Miller made me care for her characters; not just the leads but also all the citizens of Mustang Creek and Bliss County. There is even a dog named Muggles. Muggles! I knew I was in good hands at that point. I loved the small town-ish aspect of this book. It made me homesick for my own small hometown. For me the great thing about small town romances is that I can visit and go without all the negatives that come from small towns. Any one who is from a small town can relate to that! 🙂

The only problem that I had with The Marriage Pact is that Hadleigh and Tripp didn’t seem to spend a whole lot of time together. That might be because they already know each other so well that it wasn’t needed to build their relationship but I did miss the interaction between Hadleigh and Tripp. I do have to say that I am really excited to return to Mustang Creek and learn the fate of the two other women who took the marriage pact. There is no doubt that I’ll be picking it up.

2 responses to “Review: The Marriage Pact by Linda Lael Miller”

  1. Yep, this one kind of suffered for the set up and we didn’t see a lot of couple time, but it was a fun read.


    1. Exactly. I’m looking forward to the next books but the main characters just didn’t spend all that much time together.


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