Review: Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown



I picked up Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown because the woman has written a ton of books and they all seem to get some great buzz. I now know that Brown’s romantic suspense books are more to my taste. I can’t say that I love her contemporary romances but it did help pass the time. I have to say I wasn’t entirely engaged in Eloquent Silence. I didn’t connect with the leads in the book. Lauri and Drake kinda drove me bat shit crazy. I don’t go for the “big misunderstanding” trope much and that was all Lauri and Drake seemed to have. The two were constantly butting heads. Towards the end it almost seemed intentional.

I did really enjoy the times when Jennifer was involved in the story line. Jennifer’s innocent three year old interactions really made the book for me. I also enjoyed watching the way that people worked with Jennifer and the willingness of Drake’s neighbors to learn ASL to communicate with her. While they seemed few and far between, I also liked the tender moments between Drake and Lauri. When they weren’t all irrationally emotional, they made a really great team. Of course they did figure this out for themselves towards the end.

In the world of romance, you are almost always guaranteed a HEA (happily ever after). Romance readers will tell you almost unanimously that it isn’t about the ending, it’s about the journey. While Lauri and Drake got to that happily ever after, the journey just didn’t wow me. It won’t be one that cements itself into my brain for years to come. Eloquent Silence by Sandra Brown was the kind of book that I pick up when I don’t want to be overly invested but need something to pass the time.

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