Alien Proliferation

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Alien proliferationTitle: Alien Proliferation
Author: Gini Koch
Publisher: DAW
Publication Date: Dec 2011
Classification: Adult Sci-Fi Novel

Summary from Goodreads:

Alien Super-Being Exterminator Kitty Katt is expecting her first baby. But the alien attacks are getting more dangerous, and now Kitty and her Alpha Centaurion husband, Jeff, have to find out who’s behind the conspiracy to kill Kitty’s secret agent mom and what caused Kitty’s transformation into a superhuman-and they’ve got to do it all before the baby shower…

My Thoughts:

I read the first three books in this series a long time ago and because I know I enjoy the series and chatting with the author at all of her events in AZ I just kept buying the next book in the series. Well that has lead to me being many books behind seeing as this series is now on book 9 and this is only book 4!

The instant I started this book I instantly loved reconnecting with all of the amazing characters. I read this series because it is funny, sexy, full of adventure, includes aliens who can go all night if you know what I’m saying, and action. It has a mix of everything to keep every reader invested and I’m a fan of the series in general. Anyway back to the review…

So I stated that I loved coming back to the characters and I really feel that this is the book where Koch took some time out to let things move slowly and develop with the characters. It is a big book since Kitty is giving birth and there is so much love and heartfelt emotion going on during the first half of the book related to this big event. I liked being able to see Kitty calm down a little and spend time around family and loved ones. I also felt there were so many emotions with Christopher and Chuckie and the fact that they both care about Kitty in such a strong way. I also love me some Reader, he may be gay but every book needs a gay best friend!

Aside from the characters I will admit I was a bit confused with the plot lines in this one. Koch can make a great story but her books tend to have many conspiracies and plot lines going on. It didn’t help that it had been so long since I read the last book that to remember all of the bad guys was a little tricky. I felt almost as if I didn’t completely care what was going on with the action in this book because the emotional side of the characters had my full attention so that may have made the other parts suffer in my own mind.

Overall, this was a good blend of the characters that I love with plot lines that one can never become bored with, even if they do confuse you a little along the way.




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