Discussion: EBook VS Physical – A Tired Debate {Physical}

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Want to see me go bug-eyed crazy in about three seconds? Say these words: “Real books or ebooks?” This is such a tired debate. In fact I wouldn’t call it a debate so much as two groups of people yelling unintelligible things at each other. A debate would indicate discussion and both sides listening. I don’t understand this all or nothing mentality so this week and next week we’ll love them BOTH!

So this week I’ll tell you what I love about physical books:

  • Pretty covers
  • Different font types from book to book
  • The feel of getting lost in a paper book
  • Libraries!
  • Bookstores!
  • The act of turning a page
  • The smell of a book
  • Stacks of books
  • Old timey books with brown pages and so much history

  • Dead Trees

    from Word P0rn’s Facebook

    What do you love about physical books?



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