Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han



I started reading this one right around the time I finally finished my medical program. I was so excited to be done with school and for this to be my first book!

Right off the bat there were things that I really liked and really didn’t about this story. I liked the fact that family was such a big part of this book. Often in YA stories the family is killed or not mentioned so that the teenagers in the story can do whatever they want in the story. It was refreshing to see a close family and see the bonds of sisterhood even though I don’t have any siblings myself. I have to say that Kitty is my favorite character in this novel, she is full of the life her sister Lara Jean lacks. I also loved the idea that Lara Jean had written these letters and accidentally had them sent out to all the boys she loved at one point in her life.

What I didn’t like what how slow the story seemed to be moving in the first half of the book. Not only was the story slow but I felt that Lara Jean was a little young for her age. Her character didn’t seem to know how to handle certain situations or even dating because she had never done anything before. I also didn’t like that Lara Jean constantly mentioned her family heritage. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for something unique and fun like that being in a YA book but it was mentioned to many times it became over kill. I get where you are from thank you very much!

I don’t know what made me continue on with this book when I was seriously considering a rating of DNF after the first half of the book. All I know is that for some reason when I picked this book back up I couldn’t stop. It was as if the first half didn’t happen and I could finally start liking Lara Jean, Josh, Peter and everyone else, except Kitty, I loved her from the start. I also thought that in the second half of this book Lara Jean grew up a little and started to see things for how they really were. She finally started to understand love and relationships for the first time. I think the author did a great job with a first love tale.

Overall, I’m glad I read this story even though it wasn’t perfect. I do hope the second book has a little bit of an older feel to it though.

2 responses to “Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han”

  1. It is hard when the character doesn’t feel quite their age. It is a shame that the pacing for the first half was slow, but I am glad that you ended up enjoying it.


  2. While I ended up really liking this book now that I look back I can see that i enjoyed it Lara Jean did act a bit young for her age. She was so clueless about a lot of things and while i didn’t necessarily mind that i would have loved if she stepped up a bit more. Oh well hopefully she has some character development in the second book! Lovely review 🙂


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