Review: Elusive Memories by Amanda Shofner



Elusive Memories by Amanda Shofner was exactly the paranormal break I needed! I picked up this book because I have read both of Shofner’s non-fiction blog related works. I found them both immensely useful and I wanted to give her ficiton debut a go.

Elusive Memories has a lot going for it. So many of the elements of the story worked for me. I enjoyed both Sam and Coop. Their personalities played well off each other. In fiact I liked all the characters, even the bad ones! The pacing was great. I never really felt as if I wanted to put the book down and take a break. Of course work and sleep interferred.

The world building was easy to align myself with as well. Elusive Memories opens up with a Sam who doesn’t remember anything. As the reader we learn everything right along with Sam. Shofner also uses memories that Sam sees (sometimes her own, sometimes another’s) to advance the story. I love it when an author uses this technique! I personally enjoy it. Shofner laces the story with a wonderful sense of humor as well. I have to say that I had a smile on my face during one of the first scenes and it involved socks of all things!

The only issue that I had was my own impatience to get through the last part to find out what happened! If you’re looking for a paranormal story that is fun and one hell of a ride and features characters you’ll remember for awhile to come, Elusive Memories by Amanda Shofner is a book you’ll want to pick up. I am definitely going to be picking Shofner’s future books!

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