Discussion: When Do You Review?

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My question today is about when you review a book you’ve read. How long do you wait until you review a book?

I’ve found that I tend to cool off over time and that one thing that really bothered me really wasn’t so bad. Then I start to doubt my rating. I find that I get the most honest review if I review the book within a day or so of finishing it. Of course time doesn’t always allow for it but it’s my preference.

How about you? When do you find it the best time to review books?



6 Responses to “Discussion: When Do You Review?”

    • Stephanie

      I do try to do that too. If I can’t get to a computer I write down my review and then polish it while I’m typing it up. If I don’t I start to forget character names and blur the plots.

    • Stephanie

      At least you can remember enough to still do your reviews! Sometimes if I wait too long and try to write a review I feel like I’m fumbling around a lot! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Stephanie

      Often I end up starting the next book before I get the last review done. I was four behind (2 full, 2 mini) but I’m caught back up again. Phew!

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