Discussion: Where Do You Get Your Books?

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It’s no secret I have a book buying addiction. Book buying is my Achilles’ heel in the finance world. I do it when I’m bored, when I need a pick me up, and most of the time just because. I’ve managed to garner a lot of skills over time.

    Books-a-Million – have Millionaire card. Best bargain section ever.
    Barnes & Noble – Barnes & Noble member card. Beautiful classic exlusives
    UBS – I always make sure that I have credit available that way I only pay 1/4 of the cover price.
    half.com – This is my weakness. I have found two really great sellers and if you order more than one item from a seller you save on shipping. I only pay $0.75 for each of my books. Ordering from one seller I get 8 paperbacks for around $25.00.
    Paperbackswap – with my Gold Key membership I make the most of this online book trading site

Where do you go to buy your books? Do you have any shopping tips and tricks?



6 Responses to “Discussion: Where Do You Get Your Books?”

    • Stephanie

      I’m getting used to going back to the library to get my books. After the year comes up for my memberships, I’ll have to analyze how much it’s saved me.

      I’m kind of hoping to become a book buying, budget obeying ninja. I have high ambitions!

    • Stephanie

      I’ve really learned to love my library over the past few weeks. I wrote this a month or so back. I’ve been tracking how much my library has been saving me and I can’t argue with the numbers. I’m hoping to do a post on all my library has done for me over x amount of months.

  1. Alexa

    I probably get most of my books from Barnes and Noble. I tend to buy all my used books from Half Price which is a store here in AZ and I think a few other western states. Sometimes I will also buy from the local indie bookstore if there is a signing there.

    Alexa recently posted: Forever Too Far
    • Stephanie

      I so want a Half Price here in IL but I am to be denied. 🙁 It’s not like I don’t have anything to read though. I think I’m going to start “shopping” from my TBR pile each month. I have a ton of great reads in Mt. Read Me. Perhaps that’s the way to knock down the TBR.

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