Review: Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D J Donaldson

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It was a lucky day for Astor + Blue and for me when they contacted me to review Bad Karma in the Big Easy by D J Donaldson. I was in a pretty receptive mood and the premise of the novel had me intrigued. Despite the fact that it was the seventh yes seventh, book in a series I haven’t read I went against my personal rules and accepted. Rest assured this book stands just fine on it’s own.

I have to say that I immediately fell in love with Donldson’s characters. They fit so well together it was like a family. The setting of post-Katrina New Orleans may still be raw for some. I live in the midwest and I’ll admit that it was incredibly eye opening. There’s a big difference between a detached news report and living it through another’s perspective, even if the perspective is fictional.

I enjoyed Bad Karma in the Big Easy so much I’m going back and picking up the first six books in the series. That’s saying something because the first three are sort of hard to find. I’m very eager to spend more time among the Southern officials and New Orleans!

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