Review: The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins

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The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins was a pleasant surprise. I thought I had met Higgins’s best in The Best Man. Nope. I was wrong. Not just wrong but wrongity-wrong-wrong. I didn’t care much for Honor in the previous novel. She comes off as….pretentious maybe? Definitely a stick in the mud. I didn’t dislike her I just didn’t love her. Higgins changed that in a hurry.

Honor becomes so much more real in her own book. Naturally we learn things about her that we didn’t know in the previous book. The way her mind works, what she wants in life, the fact that the years are precious, as far as the eggs are concerned. Oh my God, I have GOT to stop here and just say that Honor has conversations with her eggs. Yeah, those eggs. I can’t explain how hilarious these moments were. I laugh so much whenever I’m reading a Higgins novel. It is one of the biggest reasons I love her writing; she can make me laugh almost effortlessly. Then there is Tom. Tom is British and by default, wanted by nearly every woman who hears him speak. The man has some baggage for sure. He’s also in need of a green card. Oh the antics that ensue!

I think that my favorite aspect of Higgins’s writing is that she can make me laugh and make me cry. Often it happens in the same passage. There was one particular moment involving a cask room and some hot loving. After that, I felt like throwing my Kindle against the wall with tears of rage running down my cheeks. It seemed incredibly unlikely that there would be a happily ever after. I’m not going to shy from the fact that romances all have happily ever afters. It’s why I read them. I find that when an author can make me doubt what in my bones I know to be true, well, that makes the book that much better. It also guarantees that I’m going to try that author again and again.

If you’ve followed the blog for long you know that I love me some secondary characters. I get more of that in this book! I loved the characters in The Best Man and all of those characters are back in this one!! I love an author who can get me to react to a story and I can tell you that I had one helluva reaction to Dana. Oh the reaction. Then there was poor, sweet, lost, and lonely Charlie. My heart still breaks thinking on him after a week. Also, if you happen to be reading this Ms. Higgins, please tell me Jack gets a book. I can’t stand the thought of him being alone when the rest of his family is finding love at last.

I’ll say that in closing, I have never been even slightly disappointed in a novel by Kristan Higgins. Well, maybe when it’s over I’m disappointed there isn’t more but I love her books!

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4 responses to “Review: The Perfect Match by Kristan Higgins”

  1. This was the one I read and I just didn’t like Honor. I think I saw too much of myself in her which might have been the problem (not that I don’t like myself but I am workaholic driven female in a male dominated room LOL)


    1. Honor was even worse in The Best Man! She came off as so perfect and anal retentive that I went into it expecting an uptight wench and got a girl who was actually pretty fun! 😀


  2. Glad you enjoyed it, I have this one and haven’t read it yet. It will be my first Higgans novel but I have heard good things.


    1. Higgins is pretty great. I’m trying to space the rest of her books out so I still have more to look forward too! I hope you do enjoy her once you get the chance to read it. 😀


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