Mini-Review: A Royal Birthday by Eilis O’Neal

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A Royal Birthday by Eilis O’Neal was a fantastic dip back into Thorvaldor. This short story is told from the point of view of Kiernan. He’s one of those characters that you really love to love. Kiernan is a sweetheart, and he’s mischievous, and he doesn’t much care for his rank. It was so nice to get a little bit more of the world that O’Neal created in The False Princess.

The only real problem that I had with A Royal Birthday is that it wasn’t a full length novel. I would have no trouble reading another book set in Thorvaldor. Basically the story was too short, the plot a little sluggish, and I just wanted MORE! I’m really hoping that a short story being published is an indication that O’Neal does indeed have more planned for the citizens of Thorvaldor. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see!

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2 responses to “Mini-Review: A Royal Birthday by Eilis O’Neal”

  1. I loved The False Princess! I didn’t even know there was a new short story until I saw your review. I’m going to read it, but I can agree in advance that I would be much happier if it was full-length novel. What’s she doing that she can only write 25 pages over the course of 3 years?


    1. Well I’m glad I could spread the wealth! I’m not sure where I picked up on the new novella. I went immediately to her site to see if there was any news of a second book. Typically if there’s a new novella there is a new book waiting in the wings.

      I could totally use another book!!! 😀


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