Review: Hereafter by Kate Brian

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This is a book #2 in a series. Please assume spoilerage for previous books.

Hereafter by Kate Brian takes off right were Shadowlands left off. There is really no refresher course to begin with but you do get the gist of the first book from things mentioned during the second book. I have to say I really enjoyed the characters a lot more in this book than I did the first book. That probably has to do more with the fact that they were more like normal people instead of creepy creepers. The story was really good too. I probably got more distracted than I should have though. Instead of focusing on the story and what was going on I wanted to know more about how each of the Lifers had ended up in Juniper Landing. We’re told a few of the stories but I wanted to know each and every person’s story.

Juniper Landing isn’t your average place to begin with. Then things that shouldn’t be happening start happening and the Lifers are starting to get worried. The worst part is that someone has decided to play a little game and innocent souls are at stake. I really hurt for Rory because in this book she is saddled with information that she can’t share with her family or she puts their future at risk. She has to carry the burden alone and it causes some tension between her and her sister Darcy.

I really enjoyed the historical parts in Hereafter. My main complaint is that at about 30% through the book I had figured out who the instigator was. I was right but I felt like I was supposed to feel that way and didn’t really believe that to be the truth. I felt like the third book will open up and say “Just kidding! But I totally had you fooled. Am I right?” Also the book was super short! It only took me four hours to read. I suppose in the end that can’t really be a complaint because I had a hard time putting it down!

This series has really seemed to be one that you either love or hate. I love it so far. It makes me not want to recommend the book to anyone but here’s what you should know: you should be able to suspend your reality, you should enjoy clifffhangers, and in general be more of a flexible reader. Take a chance and get it from your local library. You may find that you love it as much as I do!

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