Review: Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys

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The struggle of the Amoveo people continues in Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys, the fifth installment of The Amoveo Legend series. If you haven’t read this series yet, you most definitely should give these books a try. Humphreys packs in excellent world building, characters you fall in love with, and some steamy, steamy scenes. I can’t wait to gobble her books up when they are released. Paranormal romance fans should take note!

Unclaimed is the story of Tatiana and Dominic. Both characters were introduced in previous stories in the series. Tatiana uses her Amoveo talents to cure sick animals. She doesn’t want to acknowledge the fact that because she is Amoveo Fate will be able to chose her soulmate. Tatiana refuses to believe that she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. Keeping up that belief becomes infinitely harder when she comes face to face with her mate, Dominic. Dominic is a man used to being in control and the feelings that he has for Tatiana are interfering with his ability to carry out his job as the head of security for the prince. Neither person can deny the intense physical connection that they share. The sparks that fly off of these pages should come with a warning because holy smoldering sexual tension! Sure they have a great physical connection but what does it mean when neither person wants to be a part of a forced union?

Of course we can’t get away from those asshole Purists. Here you have young men and women losing who they are because they can’t find their mates in time, and in a very human nature kind of way, rather then trying to find solutions, you have Amoveo trying to kill off the “half-breeds” they’re prejudices have targeted as the problem. Now they’re not just targeting half-breeds but the royal family as well.

You guys I have SO much love for Sara Humphreys! I was glued to this book and so invested in the plot. So help me God if Steven’s book doesn’t happen soon I may become unhinged. It’s unhealthy but I am so worried about him that it was almost a little distracting. This has been an issue for me since book three. It’s been an excellent plot twist but I just about can’t take it anymore! That’s totally on me though. In the end this series is a paranormal romance with shifters and fantastic characters and if you haven’t tried them yet I urge you to pick up the first one. You won’t regret it!

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6 responses to “Review: Unclaimed by Sara Humphreys”

  1. Thank you!!! And I promise…Steven’s story is coming.


    1. Yay! I really am looking forward to his story. 😉


  2. I’m pretty sure I have the first two book in this series on my Kindle already. The fact that you’re giving the fifth book 5 stars makes me think I should really move them up my to-read list. I’m glad these books are still living up to your expectations 🙂


    1. They are fairly great! The only book that I didn’t really love was the third one but even then I still enjoyed the read. It just wasn’t my favorite in the series! I can’t wait to see what you think if you do get around to reading them! 😀


  3. I need to look to see if I have this one! I think I do! I think I do 🙂


    1. I hope you do! I hope you do! I really enjoyed this one (obviously!) but the great thing is that I can’t wait to get to the next one!


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