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scorchedTitle: Scorched
Author: Melody Anne
Publisher: Gossamer Publishing
Publication Date: Nov 2013
Classification: Adult Novel
Content: Mature Themes and Scenes

Summary from Goodreads:

The Surrender series has kept readers engaged since the first book hit the shelves. In this final installment to the series, you will finish the journey that Rafe and Ari started, as well as read the stories of Shane and Lia, and Rachel and Ian.

Love and desire run rampant throughout this series, but romance is about more than that. It’s about the small battles that lead to the greatest victories.

Is Ari and Rafe’s love powerful enough to withstand challenges beyond their control? Will Lia and Shane learn to compromise instead of careening between extremes of passion and loathing? Can Rachel give up her dream of living an ordinary life and learn to love King Adriane?

Read the conclusions of these three strong women’s stories, and learn what choices they make. Is love enough to conquer when the odds are stacked against them?

My Thoughts:

Well, what can I say…. I’m sorry to see it end, but wow what a ride! Once again Ms. Anne takes one story and turns it into multiple stories and does a great job at it! This story is ascetically about Adriane and Rachel, but there is also so much more going on with Rafe and Ari, Shane and Lia, and of course all the anguish and torment that goes with all of them.

Adriane was, well, pissing me right the hell off! Almost until the end of the story, I wanted to ring his damn neck. I mean holy hotness, but hells bells man, give up the aggressive and challenging King persona. You’d think after talking to his Mother, you’d think she would have changed his mind. I know his intentions were admirable, but the execution just sucked! I don’t fault Rachel one bit for her behavior. The baby of the Palazzo family was tougher than I anticipated her to be. I couldn’t believe some of the shit that came out of her mouth. She’s one chick I’d hang out with and probably get into a bit of trouble with to boot! It was great to read about the other characters in this series. Ari and Rafe still make my heart skip a beat and oh that Shane and his beautiful Lia, those two just about killed me, but thankfully I survived! I even have to give credit to Adriane’s despondent, coldblooded, dickhead brother Giani for dealing out some serious angst! My life has been entwined in the lives of all these characters for quite some time now and I have to admit, I’m really going to miss them.

The writing style was effortless to read and the pacing was splendid. As always sweet Melody kept me glued to the pages with so many highs and lows that I fear my heart will never be the same again. I think this was one of her longest books on record. At 325 (kindle version) pages, it held me in it’s clutches and only released me (gently) when I rounded the corner of a beautiful climax. Great job Mel! I look forward to our writer/reader relationship for many years to come! You are simply one of the best!




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