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banner-discussion Much like I want to read ALL THE BOOKS, I want to read ALL THE BLOGS! I hate being a silent reader but I just do not have the time anymore to sit down at a computer for a few hours each day to comment on all of the bloggers that I love. I’ve tried all sorts of methods on commenting and it seems like I haven’t found the right one yet. I beseech you, oh my wise readers, for your methods so that I too may try something new! Here are the various ways that I have tried to keep up with my commenting:



I first tried Feedly when it was announced that Google Reader would be biting the dust. I didn’t really enjoy the user interface. Once I had everything set up the way I wanted to I promptly abandoned it. Looking at it again today it may be a viable option.



After I decided that Feedly wasn’t the perfect fit for me, I moved on to Bloglovin’ which was a great platform for me…..until I realized that I was missing posts from some of my favorite blogs. Once I realized that I couldn’t keep using it. I’m not even sure if this is something that has been addressed. After deciding that Bloglovin’ wasn’t going to work either I moved onto:

Internet Bookmarks:

Book Blogs Bookmarks I set up a list of some of my favorite blogs in my bookmarks. It was a bit ambitious to think that I could keep up with so many blogs. It really hasn’t helped. I also created bookmarks that will work on both my phone and tablet. I visit the sites but then commenting is so difficult on such a small screen and my tablet despite the $$ I put into it, has some pretty crappy wifi.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you follow your favorite blogs?
  2. Do you comment on ALL THE POSTS or just the ones you feel you can add to?
  3. Do you visit once a week, every day, or some other way?



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