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Much like I want to read ALL THE BOOKS, I want to read ALL THE BLOGS! I hate being a silent reader but I just do not have the time anymore to sit down at a computer for a few hours each day to comment on all of the bloggers that I love. I’ve tried all sorts of methods on commenting and it seems like I haven’t found the right one yet. I beseech you, oh my wise readers, for your methods so that I too may try something new!

Here are the various ways that I have tried to keep up with my commenting:



I first tried Feedly when it was announced that Google Reader would be biting the dust. I didn’t really enjoy the user interface. Once I had everything set up the way I wanted to I promptly abandoned it. Looking at it again today it may be a viable option.



After I decided that Feedly wasn’t the perfect fit for me, I moved on to Bloglovin’ which was a great platform for me…..until I realized that I was missing posts from some of my favorite blogs. Once I realized that I couldn’t keep using it. I’m not even sure if this is something that has been addressed. After deciding that Bloglovin’ wasn’t going to work either I moved onto:

Internet Bookmarks:

Book Blogs Bookmarks

I set up a list of some of my favorite blogs in my bookmarks. It was a bit ambitious to think that I could keep up with so many blogs. It really hasn’t helped. I also created bookmarks that will work on both my phone and tablet. I visit the sites but then commenting is so difficult on such a small screen and my tablet despite the $$ I put into it, has some pretty crappy wifi.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How do you follow your favorite blogs?
  2. Do you comment on ALL THE POSTS or just the ones you feel you can add to?
  3. Do you visit once a week, every day, or some other way?



10 Responses to “Discussion: Blog Following and Commenting”

  1. Tanya M @ Mom's Small Victories

    I mostly subscribe through bloglovin. I cant possibly comment on all of them. I subscribe to a few (like yours) that I will be more likely to comment on. Then I also belong to a mommy blogger Facebook group, where we support each other and comment/share our posts.

    I am usually commenting every day on the ones I get in email though I try to share the love. So I rotate who I visit 🙂 it is tough to find enough time to write posts and comment on everyone’s. I signed up for the SITS Girls commenting challenge next week, gotta comment on 75 blogs!

    • Stephanie

      Aw thanks! I think I just set my goals too high and then get all defeatist when I can’t meet them. I’m hoping I’ll be able to manage this going forward.

      Like you I think I need to do a few each day. 75 blogs!! That’s a lot of blogs. Good luck with that! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. AH@badassbookreviews

    I was very sad when Google Reader bit the dust. I tried bazqux – which is by far one of the best readers out there – you even get to see comments on posts. They do charge for their service, so I used it during the free trial period. I am currently using Silverreader and while it is very similar to Google Reader, it can be a bit buggy. The nice thing is that if you do have a problem with it, they are very responsive. So free and similar to Google reader won.

    AH@badassbookreviews recently posted: New Release Review: Circle of Death by Keri Arthur
    • Stephanie

      Me too! I’ve never heard of bazux. If it is really good it might be worth the fee. Silverreader looks almost exactly like Google Reader. Now that I’ve switched over to the list layout on Feedly it feels more like Google Reader.

    • Stephanie

      I think that I’ve found that Feedly is going to be the best way for me to keep up with everyone. I tried it out this week with looking at all the posts in my feed and saving the ones that I felt I could comment on. Now if I could just getting my blogging mojo in order! 🙂

  3. Ruby

    I have a feedly account and a bloglovin’ one, but I rarely use either. Truth is, I’m terrible at commenting. I know I should do it more, but I put enormous pressure on myself to come up with “good” comments. It’s exhausting, so if I’m not inspired to say something right away, I usually move on to the next blog post.

    • Stephanie

      I have both too Ruby. I can’t ever seem to find the time to comment through the week so I’m trying to comment on Sundays which seem to be my least busy day! I think that’s a good practice. I’m only trying to comment on things where I can say something more than “Good post.”

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