The Communist Manifesto

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communist manifestoTitle: The Communist Manifesto
Author: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
Publisher: Signet Classics
Publication Date: 1848
Classification: Adult Novel

Summary from Goodreads:

One of the most profoundly defining documents ever published in history. “The Communist Manifesto” has forever realigned political faultlines worldwide, and its aftershock resonates to this day. In the 150 years since its publication, no other treatise has inspired such a dividing and violent debate, and after the recent collapse of several regimes which had initially embraced it, a retrospective interpretation of the essential ideas it advocates is presented in this comprehensive volume. This edition of Karl Marx’s philosophy is the authorized English translation of 1888, edited and annotated by Friedrich Engels, and includes prefaces to the several editions published between 1872 and 1888.

My Thoughts:

The Marxist interpretative school of thought was formed by Karl Marx and became an important factor in historical schools of thought. It reflected not just a certain way of studying history but also became a rallying cry for a revolution. Karl Marx helped historians to realize the importance of the social origins of human thinking and to not accept a character in history at face value but that they should instead delve deeper into the train of thought of an individual. This might help to bridge the gaps of years gone by in the historical field and understand a different level of a society. For his profound ideologies and principles, Karl Marx has often been called the father of modern sociology. His theories might have only seemed relegated to economics but to study economics, one must also understand the people associated in the economy.

This book is important to review due to the situation the country is currently in. If there ever was a time where we are on the verge of class warfare, now might be that time. In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Fredriech Engles make a main point in their first chapter that serves to best represent the events currently unfolding before our very eyes today. The first chapter deals with the struggle between the Proletariats and the Bourgeois. Many of you reading this are members of what might be considered the Proletariats, or the working class. Essentially, they are the middle class: handymen, nurses, teachers, retail clerks and the such. We are the ones getting our hands dirty and working for those which are entitled and hold the means of production, or the Bourgeois. The low wages and high inflation, according the Marx and Engles (which might is representative of how our country is now), is a direct result of this upper class (Bourgeois). The Proletariat is constantly exploited for their low wages and manual labor but somehow, it is written the Proletariat can strive to be in the upper class.

I mean not for this to be a deep and introspective review of the Communist Manifesto (I do enough of that for my history class). Instead, this can be considered a popular review; I am reviewing a nonfiction work and making it accessible for all walks of people. This book can be considered a communist roadmap. I am not advocating communism as I believe democracy can work but instead, I want to pose a question to you all; is OUR democracy working? Is your voice being heard? Are you being forced to pay for health care at an outrageous rate all or face a penalty while your wages have not increased substantially in a decade? The cost of living has sky rocketed but what about your pay? Its remained steady….steadily in the gutters. Many people struggle to make ends meet and those in the upper echelons of the government continue to ignore you and keep pushing you down. Is this indicative of a class struggle? I hold back from using the term class warfare as that may denote violence. Violence would solve nothing in this instance but words can topple regimes. Be mindful of that. I suggest looking into more of the philosophies of Karl Marx and other schools of interpretive thought; intellectual history, romanticism. Those are some of what should be explored to be more aware of the world around you. If you want change, knowledge is power. Arm yourself with information and prepare to work towards a better life.




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