Review: The Twelve Days of Seduction by Maire Claremont

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Adriana Flint has managed to pull herself up and out of the gutter. She has covered a multitude of positions and she has finally obtained a position that deserves respect. Adriana is the governess to the ward of the Duke of Berresford Alexander Hunt. The problem comes when Alexander finds out that she has been less than scrupulous to obtain that position. In an effort to retain her position, Adriana offers the only thing she has left: the opportunity for Alexander to seduce her over the twelve days of Christmas.

I really enjoyed this short Christmas story of love. There is very little set up of the story in the beginning. We just jump right into Alexander and Adriana’s story. There are lords and ladies, Christmas celebrations, and a little girl who is very easy to love. There is quite a bit of detail and a small but varied cast of characters. This book is a great short story that will allow you to escape your own Christmas chaos to enjoy the Christmas love story of another. This novella would have made a fantastic full length book.

The only real issue that I had with this book is that Adriana’s “scandal” was not a scandal at all. I do understand that during the time of the book that it probably very much would have been a scandal but to a modern reader it seemed almost silly. This is a personal issue not an issue with the book. I really did enjoy this book on the whole and for the price (currently $0.99 at Amazon) it was worth both my financial and time investment.

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2 responses to “Review: The Twelve Days of Seduction by Maire Claremont”

  1. Isn’t it crazy what is considered scandalous between then and now 🙂


    1. Yeah it kind of dragged down the whole “scandalous” part of it but I think it’s kind of hard to relate to a woman being an author as scandalous when we have girls on social media who are a lot more scandalous. Lol.


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