Harry Potter Read Along Deathly Hallows Chapters 29 – 33 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

For this book Shannon did me the great favor of coming up with the questions. I was burnt out and felt like I was asking the same questions over and over again. Here are this week’s questions:

1. If you were a student at Hogwarts and had to deal with the Carrows, would you just keep your head down and try not to draw attention or would you rebel like Neville and risk severe punishment?

This is probably going to show just how awful I really am but if I had someone like Ginny and Neville to follow, I’d rebel. If I were Neville though Hogwarts would be screwed. I have always maintained that I am not a leader but I am one hell of a follower. πŸ˜‰

2. Again, if you were a Hogwarts student (at least 17), would you stay and fight or would you leave with the younger students?

I’d stay and fight because it would be most likely that the people I really cared about were also there. In the case of Ginny I would have been the same. There is no way I could stay and hide when every single person that I love and care about is out fighting. The experience alone would be enough to have life long lasting impressions. It would be too hard to get over.

3. Of all the people who die in this group of chapters, whose death do you most wish JKR had written differently?

I just don’t know. I really felt the bitter irony of Lupin and Tonks. They had just found happiness and had brought a baby boy into the world only to be snatched away. It was exactly like James and Lily except that Lupin had a lot more unhappiness to work through because before Tonks, he’d lost everyone that was important to him.

And then Fred…..God how I hurt for George. Out of everyone it’s going to hurt him the most. Probably even more so than Molly. I once saw an image on Pinterest that had the Mirror or Erised with Fred in the mirror and George on his knees with his hand on the mirror above his head. It really struck me then (not while reading the books, but with an image from Pinterest) just how much George had lost that night.

And Snape. THIS is what makes Rowling an amazing writer in my opinion. In one scene she takes a man that I have loathed for six and three quarters books and makes me mourn him. Mourn him and love him and wish that for just one hour I could have him back to tell him what a great man he is….even if he’ll just lift up his lip and snarl at me.

All I know is that the end of Deathly Hallows was devestating.

4. If you could keep that character alive, but another on-the-good-side character has to die, who would you sacrifice?

I’d have to pick to save Fred (I actually typed George first!) and if I had to chose someone to sacrifice to save Fred I’d chose Slughorn. It’s a total cheater move because no one really cares about Slughorn. I know this question was meant to be more difficult. πŸ˜‰

In order to take this question a little more seriously, I’d probably say Percy. I couldn’t give up anyone else. I wouldn’t be happy about it but he’s the one that I care for the least.

5. Now that we’ve seen Lily and Petunia as young girls, how do you feel about Aunt Petunia?

I just feel sorry for her. She wanted nothing more than to be a witch like Lily but life wasn’t fair to her. Rather than be on the outside looking in, Petunia chose to despise the world she couldn’t belong to. It’s not an unheard of reaction. Jealousy isn’t called the green-eyed monster for nothing. The whole story is disheartening because Petunia wasted years of a sisterly friendship because when you break it down to it’s simplest form Petunia didn’t get her way.

6. Now that we know “The Prince’s Tale,” how do you feel about Severus Snape?
I know I’ve probably used the word heartbreaking more times than is necessary but what else do you call it when an author rips your heart from your rib cage and stabs it with a fork? Severus Snape is a man who loved a woman so much that, even though she did not return that love, he kept watch over her son because it was all he had left of her. Even typing that out I’m almost in tears and it’s been a few weeks since I finished this book. It stole my breath when I read this the first time and it was no less for reading it the second time. The reason I love re-reading these books are for the moments that you catch in the previous books that are amplified only after having them put into perspective in the later books.



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