Harry Potter Read Along Deathly Hallows Chapters 24 – 28 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

For this book Shannon did me the great favor of coming up with the questions. I was burnt out and felt like I was asking the same questions over and over again. Here are this week’s questions:

1. Bill works for Gringotts and Mr. Ollivander is a wandmaker. Which profession would you choose if you were part of the wizarding world?

I’d choose a wandmaker. I don’t know that I would be okay working with goblins. I’m not good in tense situations and really working with goblins would never be anything but. They barely consent to work with wizards and certainly wouldn’t consider themselves friendly. I can’t say that I blame the goblins as they haven’t been treated well but I like to think that I judge each person I meet by the way that they themselves behave rather than on a preconceived idea. Plus how cool would it be to spend your years matchmaking wizards and witches with the tools they will work with for the rest of their lives (if their wands are lucky!).

2. What do you think about Harry’s use of an unforgivable curse (imperio) to get into the Lestrange vault at Gringotts?

To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled about it. I think that it was easier for me to handle because the story is told mostly following Harry and you understand what he did and why he did it. If he hadn’t done it, they would be without one horcrux and without one you might as well be missing all of them. Also Voldemort and his followers used the imperio curse (specifically) to do things that were evil. Harry used it to prevent evil. It’s not like he pillaged the vault while he was there. He set out to do one thing and he did it and then he didn’t use it again. It sounds like I’m justifying doesn’t it?

3. Voldemort’s panic attack makes it pretty clear that Harry is on the right track and Dumbledore accurately predicted the number of horcruxes. Are you surprised he only intended to make six horcruxes? Why not more?

I think it has to do with the number seven. All of the research Voldy would have read would have warned against even doing it once so I think he wouldn’t have seen it as only six horcruxes but rather I have made six horcurxes. Plus I like to think that Voldemort had some humanity and decency (clearly buried waaaaaayyyyyy down) and that he didn’t make more because at that point he’d have to started to feel himself slipping away. That’s just me hoping that everyone has some good in them somewhere. More than likely it was Voldemort being his arrogant arseholey self and he figured he’d done more than the rest of the entire world.

4. We finally know the whole story about the Dumbledore family–told through Aberforth’s perspective. Would you be able to forgive Albus if you were Aberforth?

I really think I could. I have such a hard time staying angry about things. Clearly Albus lived with this afterwards just as Aberforth did. I would hope that I would be able to forgive the only living family I have left. The whole Dumbledore story is just heartbreaking. It really made me very sad for both Albus and Aberforth because that is a horrible thing to have to live through and live with. Being the glass half full kind of person that I am in hindsight I’d look back at that and say what would have happened if Dumbledore hadn’t gone through that? Would he have turned out like Grindenwold? What would Hogwarts be? What would have happened when Voldemort had gotten to Hogwarts as a boy or risen to power in adulthood? I think that because of his experiences he recognized his younger self in Tom Riddle and that’s why he watched him. I just think that everything DOES happen for a reason even if we can’t immediately see the reason.

5. Do you think Aberforth is justified in his disdain for the way Albus lived his life?

No. My previous answer kind of led into this without me even knowing it. Albus might have been involved in the incident that led to his sister’s death but he hadn’t meant for it to be a direct result. I’m not saying it would be an immediate response but I’d forgive him. I think Aberforth’s disdain stems from his not forgiving his brother. Albus tried to do as much good as he could in the world. Even if it was to make up the wrong in his early life, I still think it needs to be recognized. I’m rambling but my heart breaks for what the brothers went through and what they couldn’t get passed. 🙁



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