Getting Down to Business

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perf5.000x8.000.inddTitle: Getting Down to Business
Author: Ginger Ring
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Publication Date: Oct 2013
Classification: Adult Novel
Content: Sexy Scenes & Mature Themes

Summary from Goodreads:
Tired of living life out of a suitcase, traveling auto parts sales representative Jessie Knutson jumps at the chance for a position close to home. When a flat tire keeps her from an interview appointment and the hot tow truck driver awakens her inner cougar, she realizes too much time away has done a number on her libido. Now the only position she wants involves being naked and pressed tightly against a hot, younger man whose eyes say she’s more than a roadside pickup.

BJ Spencer has no time for love with an auto parts store to run, though he yearns to find the right woman someday. So when the smoking hot redhead he rescues alongside the road gives him a sexy smile, he remembers sometimes a man needs to enjoy the finer things in life. Long legs encased in thigh-highs are definitely fine, but Jessie seems to be total perfection in a tempting package. BJ just might be able to make both business and pleasure work for him this time.

My Thoughts:

This little novella is a hidden treasure! It doesn’t precisely deal with any dark subjects, nor is it light-hearted! It certainly packs a punch between it’s hot, sexy pages! I was brought to tears at moments, Laughing out loud at others, and seriously considering checking out my local car repair shop just to gawk!! I think my gas pedal’s stuck and it’s full speed ahead!!

Bernard (BJ) is one of those down to earth kind of guys, that even if he was unsightly, he’d be hot none-the-less! He’s not a billionaire, he’s not some rich jet setter, and he’s not looking for anything permanent. He’s got a objective and nothing or no one is getting in the way of that. Especially some Sexy, long legged red head! Or is she? I’ve always loved a man with big, calloused hands and dirt on his clothes. BJ is just that man! A hard worker and a genuinely good soul! Enter Jessica (Jessie). A girl after my own heart! She’s all woman, but could easily inhabit the “man” world! I’ve always loved women characters who know they’re stuff when it come to vehicle maintenance! Jessie not only knows her stuff, she could achieve it! She’s all “Class with Sass!” With this being a novella, there aren’t too many supporting characters except for some co-workers, but the little bit they were in the story, I fell in love with them also!

The writing style is every bit of effortless and the words were flying by. At 73 (Kindle Version) pages, I had it done is about 2 hours! It left me satisfied, feeling full of excitement, and moist panties! There were a few highs and lows, enough to take my emotions on wild and sexy ride and the climax was just what I needed to round out this hot little novella!

Well done Ms. Ring you wicked little red head!!!




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