Thinking About….Cookie Butter and Thanksgiving Break

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The Grass is Always Greener by Jen Calonita

forbiancaCookie Butter and Thanksgiving Break


Some might be thinking “Cookie Butter? What is cookie butter?” If you have already heard of cookie butter you must know exactly why I would be thinking about it. Cookie butter is amazing! So so so….Yummy! Did I mention that it tastes great? Oh I did? My bad. It is just too good for words. As you can tell I am a bit obsessed with it. I first heard about it on Blogilates when Cassey talked about her August Favorites  and knew I had to go to Trader Joe’s and buy some. It is far from healthy but it does make a tasty treat. It also makes the bomb oatmeal. I typically can’t stand eating oatmeal unless it is the brown sugar oatmeal already packaged. I’ve tried buying quick oats and making them taste the same but it never seems to work. I found a baked cookie butter oatmeal recipe and it is delicious. This got me thinking what else can I use my cookie butter for so I looked for some recipes.

This is the oatmeal!! —->Speculoos Cookie Butter Baked Oatmeal for One

Recipes I Need To Try
Browned Butter Cookie Butter Blondies
cookie-butter cookie dough truffles
White Chocolate Cookie Butter Filled Cupcake
Cookie Butter French Toast
Cookie Butter Frosted Cupcakes

Have you tried cookie butter? What’s your verdict?


On another note Thanksgiving Break is coming up!!!! Yay!!!!! A week off of classes and I am super excited. So ready for the break. I am planning on using that time to read the magazines that have been piling up on my desk, review books I am behind on, hopefully even more books, and of course catch up/ get ahead with homework. It is just one week so who knows if I will get as much done as I would like but I am still looking forward to it.

Review Books I Must Read Over Break

Spiral (Spiral Series, #1)

Stargazing from Nowhere

Other Review Books


The Fine Line


Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)

The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered, #1.5)

and a hundred others I know I won’t get to




6 Responses to “Thinking About….Cookie Butter and Thanksgiving Break”

  1. anna@herding cats & burning soup

    Ahhh I have cookie butter in my fridge right now! It’s…interesting. lol I like it but it’s kinda weird too. Very cookie like. I might try another brand. The one I got is Biscoff like the little cookies you can get on airlines sometimes.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving reading! I really enjoyed the BDB series 🙂

    • Bianca

      $10? Ah boy too bad there isn’t a trader joes near by. I buy it for $3-4 I am obsessed but not sure if everyone would love it as much as I do. Is the 10 counting shipping costs or before all that is included? I googled it and have seen it being sold for 14! I read somewhere it was getting popular in Asia so people buy it then sell it online. Not sure if that’s true lol but craziness.

    • Bianca

      You’ve never had Nutella?! Oh may. Another addiction of mine. Can;t keep it in the house or I will just eat spoonfuls lol

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