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Spiral (Spiral Series, #1)Title: Spiral
Publisher: Jacqueline Levine
Publication Date: August 22nd 2013

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Goodreads Summary:
Still adjusting to life with his new stepfamily, complete with annoying twin sisters, seventeen-year-old Jack Hansen thought his Christmas Eve dinner couldn’t get anymore complicated – until celebutante Cherie Belle walks into the room. The niece of Jack’s new stepfather, Jack had no idea the young starlet was even in the family. But his initial excitement quickly fades when the teen queen ruins dinner, humiliates his little brother, and storms out, leaving the blame for the night’s demise to fall squarely on Jack’s shoulders. As usual.

But then tragedy strikes for America’s tabloid princess, and Jack and his family are all Cherie has left. Suddenly, Jack finds himself riding the roller coaster that is Cherie Belle’s life: fending off the paparazzi, moving to California, and being cast in the tabloids as her new boyfriend. That part would be fine if it were true. Instead, Jack missteps onto Cherie’s bad side and becomes the target of her diva mood swings and mean-spirited pranks, as she goes to ridiculous lengths to make his life miserable.

Just when Jack is through playing nice, his life turned upside down, Cherie shows up drunk and sobbing, revealing she is far from over her parents’ deaths. He realizes she’s giving the public exactly what it wants: an epic fall from grace. Jack knows he should tell someone that Cherie is spiraling out of control. But once Jack begins to care about Cherie, it becomes harder to keep her secrets; especially when Jack becomes her biggest secret of all.

My Thoughts

 Whether you care to admit it or not I am sure you have seen/read some piece of news about a celebrity getting a little (okay a lot) crazy. Maybe it was quick and unavoidable, a magazine you stared at too long in the check out isle or a channel you couldn’t change fast enough. Then again maybe you took the time to actually read/watch it. Either way we all know it isn’t difficult to find some piece of news about the latest celebrity gone wild. It is everywhere and the more famous and younger the celebrity the bigger the scandal. Gossip sites/magazines get the scoop. Whether it is all true or not. No one cares.) Scandals involving drugs, parties, alcohol, nudity, reckless behavior, etc and everyone else sucks it all up. You know what I am talking about, former sweethearts gone sour, and I more than a few people come to mind. The most recent-ish ones being Lyndsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and everyone’s new favorite person to criticize and talk about Miley Cyrus. You’ve heard the stories one or another and that is exactly how Cherie’s life is going in Spiral. Just wanted to paint a little picture before I continued on to tell you about this drama filled book.

Cherie is a young celebrity who loses the most important thing in a young girls life. Having to make new transitions is hard, especial ones you do not wish to make, but having it all documented is even hard. It doesn’t take long for Cherie to lose it. She won’t let herself grieve properly and in public she is a cold-hearted bitch to those who want to help her the most. With her entourage calling the shots Cherie’s partying slowly gets worse and worse but after the bars have closed and everyone has gone their separate ways it is Jack picking up the pieces.

This isn’t the first time Jack has had to be the glue for someone falling apart. Abandoned by his father at 13 he had to be the one to take care of his mother and 2 siblings until his mother found herself again. Now part of a new family Jack feels like an outsider. Then unexpectedly his family get a new addition and his feelings are all over the place. He is her rock, they hate each other,  they are friends, they can’t stand each other, and then Cherie is sleeping in his bed? Talk about messing with a guys head.

Cherie was quite the unlikable character when she was being a diva. I couldn’t stand how she treated Jack. Always rude in public then seeking comfort when no one was around. You can see her vulnerability and sadness though and you can’t help but feel for her. She should never have treated Jack as a dirty secret but then I would get angry at Jack for letting her. He wasn’t completely innocent in all this but I probably would have hated him if her turned her a way. No way to win. Sorry Jack. Although often angry (with the situations life has thrown at him and his family who wouldn’t be?) he truly was a great guy and seeing how he cared for his youngest sister Brittany and Cherie you can’t help but fall for him.

Besides it being an addicting story that throws your emotions back and forth I was pleasantly surprised to find that Spiral was not in Cherie’s point of view. Everything was told from Jack’s perspective. I really thought it would go back and forth between the two but it was perfect just the way it was. You could really understand everything Cherie was going through without being in her head. You could still see it all through Jack’s eyes. I loved the gossip articles between the chapter detailing Cherie’s life as if she was in a real magazine. It was a great touch.

Jacqueline Levine gives you the story behind the gossip rag. She lets you see into the things you don’t know. It may have been hard sometimes to like Cherie and Jack but Jacqueline created a story that has you rooting for a happy ending. You know the tragedy is happening but you can’t stand to see Cherie or Jack go through anything more. I am sure Jacqueline has more curves to throw at as so this is definitely one series I will be looking forward to continuing.





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