Harry Potter Read Along Deathly Hallows Chapters 12 – 16 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

For this book Shannon did me the great favor of coming up with the questions. I was burnt out and felt like I was asking the same questions over and over again. Here are this week’s questions:

1. If you were a Muggle-born witch or wizard, like Mrs. Cattermole and Ted Tonks, what would you do under this oppressive Ministry of Magic regime?

I am not a brave person. I probably would have taken off and tried to make it on my own. I would have found a cave lost in the backwoods of England and rode out whatever was going to happen. If Voldemort succeeded in taking over the country, I’d be on my way to America. I may lack courage but at least I can be honest about it.

2. Speaking of the oppressive Ministry, Delores Umbridge is back. Are you surprised she can produce a patronus?

Not really. That vile woman is happiest when she is wrecking other people’s lives. Down in that dungeon she is so happy it probably isn’t hard for her at all to produce and maintain her patronus. The sick thing is that she has NO doubt that what she is doing is right. She doesn’t question it at all. You would think that the fact that she has aligned herself with Voldemort and his underlings that it would cause her some pause but no.

3. Harry has a “mind over matter” moment when he has to survive the dementors without producing a patronus. He’s come a long way since the first time he saw a dementor on the Hogwarts Express. What do you think of Harry’s character growth in this book so far?

I have to say that Harry has really impressed me in this book. He seems to have figured out his mission and once he has decided upon it, he’s not going to give up on it. He has dedicated his life (however much of it he has left) to completing what Dumbledore set him out on in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

4. Harry, Hermione and Ron are going through some trials and tribulations when they are on the run. How would you have handled these challenges?

Not well. I don’t deal with stressful situations well. It’s worse when it’s people that I care about. Much like Ron, I would have removed myself from the situation just to not have to deal with it. I would have regretted it but it’s what would have happened.

5. Harry has been reflecting a lot on how much it hurts to have lost his family. His visit to Godric’s Hollow really brings this issue to the forefront. How did you feel when you read the scene in the Godric’s Hollow graveyard?

It was so very bittersweet. Harry finally has a place that he can actually fix in his mind when he thinks of his parents. Clear up to this point in the entire series Harry has never had a physical place to connect his parents to. Yes they went to Hogwarts but Hogwarts isn’t really a home, not in the truest sense of the word. Godric’s Hollow was the place where Harry would have went to for school breaks. It was the place his parents chose to live and make their lives. It was the place that Harry was supposed to live instead of at the Dursley’s. I was also so, so glad that Hermione was with him. That this was not one more thing that he had to go through alone.



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  1. Shannon

    We answered pretty much the same thing for question 3 (I am also impressed by Harry’s maturity and focus on his quest), but we were totally opposite in our response to question 4 — I said I would be totally annoyed by Ron and you said you’d behave much like Ron. That’s why I love this read-along. I love looking at these stories with different perspectives.

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