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tune in

Tune In Tuesday was once hosted by  Ginger @greadsbooks.com. Katelyn over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands now hosts this weekly meme.

I listening to music on Spotify last night while doing homework and went to go change the song when one of those ads came across the bottom (or maybe it was the ones on the sides. I don’t remember) and the cover made me give it a double take. After a second I recognized the name from a Disney show (yes I still watch Disney. Well, i used to not too long ago. Not so much anymore. My niece watched it all the time though.) I was going to disregard it but accidentally clicked the link. The first song to play was Replay and it was pretty catchy so I looked up her website and fell in love with this one.

Bottle You Up (Acoustic) by Zendaya

I heard this one on the radio recently and love it. I need to start listening to them again. Oh and while looking for the song I found that their new CD comes out tomorrow today!

Miss Jackson by Panic! At The Disco ft Lolo

Another band I need to listen to again. I don’t think I have actually listened to all of Transit Of Venus and need to ASAP. I am so behind. Just like with books there is so much music out there I will probably never hear but will try my best to get to.

Expectations by Three Days Grace




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  1. Katelyn

    That Bottle You Up song is so pretty! As for Panic! At The Disco my uncle got to see them in concert with Fall Out Boy and I thought I was seriously going to die of jealousy. They will forever be a favorite!

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