Thinking About: Time Management

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The Grass is Always Greener by Jen Calonita


Thinking About….Time Management

Oh lordy people…This feels like it has been my busiest semester yet I probably say that every semester but I am really feeling it this time around.  I am actually quite happy with what I have been up to this semester and excited about upcoming events but I have been either falling behind or doing everything last minute. I used to be the queen of last minute homework but lately once I get around to the last minute I can’t seem to stay up long enough to actually do it. Do not get me started on all nighters. In the past no sweat but now just can’t do it. I do have  lot on my plate for me. Others it might be no problem and some handle more  but for me it is a lot. It is manageable though. I know it can be done and I accomplish a lot but what I need is some better time management.It is hard for me to get in the swing of things and once I really have things down something in my schedule changes, i finish something, or something else is added and a new routine has to be built. I am terrible at time management but i have been trying to figure it out. Any tips on how you keep your life organized and as stress free as possible?






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