Sassy Girl Swoony God Challenge

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Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney for My Date From Hell Challenge #4

H everyone! I am participating in the Sassy Girl Swoony God Tourney to help promote the release of My Date From Hell. It is the sequel to My Ex From Hell. I you haven’t read My Ex From Hell you can check out my review here. Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy and behind so I wanted to catch up and share with you the challenges so far. I will continue to update with the rest of the challenges here.

Challenge # 1 Kai Kidnapped Persephone Here…

Taveuni, Fiji


Challenge # 2 Sophie tells Kai what she really thinks, playlist-style

I just have one song for you today but I think it about sums up some of Sophie’s feelings

“I taste you on my lips and I can’t get rid of you. So I say damn your kiss and the awful things you do. Yeah, you’re worse than nicotine…”

Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

Challenge # 3 Kai’s Tattoo

I cannot draw to save my life and the letters are in Greek so  decided I wouldn’t even attempt it. I picture it in simple small script right across his left pectoral.

δύο γίνονται ένα

(translation courtesy of Google Translator: two become one)

Challenge # 4 Cast Sophie and Kai

When I read this challenge I totally knew who I was going to use for Sophie but Kai was another story. Who could fit the picture showing up in my head? Well I looked and looked but no actor screamed “That is Kai !” to me. So I can only share Sophie today.

Vanessa Marano

Sophie is just an everyday, sassy, sarcastic, normal girl (okay besides the whole Greek Goddess thing) and I think she could play her wonderfully.

Source: IMDB

But what about the fact that she really is a goddess too? I think she can pull it off 🙂

vanessa marano regard magazine february 2013 feature 11

vanessa marano regard magazine february 2013 feature 09
Source: Just Jared





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