Going Too Far

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Going too far Title: Going Too Far
Author: Jennifer Echols
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication Date: March 2009
Classification: Young Adult Novel

Summary from Goodreads:


All Meg has ever wanted is to get away. Away from high school. Away from her backwater town. Away from her parents who seem determined to keep her imprisoned in their dead-end lives. But one crazy evening involving a dare and forbidden railroad tracks, she goes way too far…and almost doesn’t make it back.

John made a choice to stay. To enforce the rules. To serve and protect. He has nothing but contempt for what he sees as childish rebellion, and he wants to teach Meg a lesson she won’t soon forget. But Meg pushes him to the limit by questioning everything he learned at the police academy. And when he pushes back, demanding to know why she won’t be tied down, they will drive each other to the edge — and over….

My Thoughts:

I have heard so many bloggers rave about this book. I can literally go on Goodreads and see all of my Goodreads friend’s reviews and almost all of them are 5 stars. Which means I should all out love this book…

Lets just start at the beginning, since that is afterall where most books start. From the beginning of this book I didn’t like it. I do not at all like when characters are drinking, drunk, smoking weed, or doing drugs. I have never done any of that in my life so I don’t get why any 16 or 17 year old thinks this is a cool idea. So right off the bat I didn’t like Meg who is our main character. I started to like her less and less as the story went on because she seemed like a smart girl who wanted to go to college and knew better. Yet here she was doing everything within her power to get herself in trouble at a young age. I’m sorry but if you really have goals to go to college you don’t mess that up with drugs and stupid boys who just want to get between your legs.

Then there was this dream boy I kept hearing everyone rave about, John After. Um I’m sorry but I read half this book and I just don’t get what is so amazing about him. The man is stuck as a small town cop because he has some fascination with an off limits bridge and saving teens! Yet he smokes and does nothing with his life other than go to work every night. (Cue the yawning) This is not my idea of an ideal book boyfriend. I’m sorry if I’m going to spend my time drooling over a fictional male character he damn well better be worth it. John After is not my ideal book boyfriend and he grated on my nerves.

Overall, I really did try to keep reading this book because of everyone raving about it but I just couldn’t be bothered when there are so many novels on my shelves that are worth the time and effort to read. I gave up on this book half way through and I’m not sorry that it is going in my discard pile to be taken to my local indie bookstore to be traded in for credit to buy something better. I have enjoyed Echols’ books in the past but this was not for me.




2 Responses to “Going Too Far”

  1. Quinn @ Quinn's Book Nook

    I have heard how wonderful Going Too Far is, too, but it just doesn’t sound like a book for me. I was always pretty sure that Meg would get on my nerves, but after reading your review, I’m positive that I wouldn’t like her. I read one Jennifer Echols book that I loved, Major Crush, but I haven’t been really impressed by any of her other books. I really hated Love Story. Did you ever read that?

  2. Nicci @ Paper Dreams

    I read this ages ago, and I enjoyed it. Now, I really want to go back and reread it to see if I still do. There are certainly books that everyone seems to enjoy, but that I did not like so I guess it just illustrates that everyone enjoys different things. Great review!

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