Tune In Tuesday&Thinking About…Amores Verdaderos (True Loves)

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The Grass is Always Greener by Jen Calonita


Thinking About…Amores Verdaderos


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If you didn’t already know I am part Mexican and I currently have this novela (Translation: Soap Opera) on the brain. Please don’t let the Spanish scare you away if it hasn’t already. This post will be in English.

I started watching Amores Verdaderos (translation: True Loves) back when it was on TV with my cousin but since novela’s are on five days a week it was hard to watch when I have school. I really wanted to watch it all but Netflix doesn’t seem to have much (if any) shows in Spanish. I recently signed up for Hulu Plus and got to start it from the beginning. You know how I mentioned it is on five days a week? Well, they are each an hour long and they show plays for a significant amount of time (pretty much all year) so there are 184 episodes. I am on episode 20 so I will be watching it for a while.

Like any soap opera this one is filled with drama. Victoria Balvanera has money and others want it so badly that they plan to kidnap/kill her. Jose Angel is looking for a job to support his family and luckily has a meeting with Victoria. He swoops in just in time to save the say and lands a job he wasn’t expecting, a job as her body guard. Victoria fears for her daughter Nikki’s safety so against Nikki’s wishes she hires one for her as well. I am sure you can see where this is going. Victoria and Jose Angel are each married but their chemistry is very evident. Nikki seems like a huge bitch (okay so she really does act like one towards some people especial Guzman, her body guard) but she has major problems she needs people to notice and help her through. She keeps everything to herself then lashes out causing people to only see her as a spoiled brat. I hope to see her work through what she is going through and have a happy ending. Anyways it wouldn’t be a soap opera without forbidden romances, scandals, kidnappings, lies, unknown family connections, and major secrets always popping up.

I just can’t help it I am addicted. Fransisco Guzman (played by Sebastion Rulli) and Nikki (played by Eiza Gonzalez. Also, was addicted to Lola another show she did) are the main reason I watch it. Those two claim not to stand each other and love to push each others buttons. Of course I would be rooting for them in the end 😉 The 184 episodes seem pretty intimidating, it is a lot to watch, but when you buy them on DVD they put it all into 12 hours and cut tons of things out. If you just want the gist of it all the DVD is the best choice. Plus it has english subtitles! Try something new and give a show in another language a chance. I love watching Korean Drama’s and I definitely do not speak Korean. You never know what great things you will find.

You can see a trailer for it here.

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My current obsession. Listen to it multiple times a day!
Royals by Lorde

These next two are from the show I was just talking about. Just give them a try 🙂
Me Puedes Pedir Lo Que Sea by Marconi ft Eiza Gonzalez

Ahora Tu by Malu




3 Responses to “Tune In Tuesday&Thinking About…Amores Verdaderos (True Loves)”

  1. Jen D.

    I read this blog post title in my reader and automatically got all nostalgic. I used to watch telenovelas with my Mom and Abuela. I gotta say my all time fave is El Privilegio de Amar. I suffered with that novela. SUFFERED! I didn’t expect for any book bloggers I followed to ever talk about novelas. So glad you did!

    • Bianca

      I was hesitant about posting anything but I am glad I did. I used to record them for my dad while he was at work when I was younger lol then we would watch them. Or I would watch them at my aunts house. Every once and I while I see an episode of something that catches my attention at my aunt or cousins house and then I want to start watching them again.

  2. Karen

    I’ve never seen a telanovela but I used to watch all the soaps with my mom as a kid.

    I turned one on the other day and it’s mostly the same people except their kids are the ones doing all the scheming now lol

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