Thinking About…Tomorrow…Today?

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The Grass is Always Greener by Jen Calonita


Thinking About…Tomorrow…Today?

I am writing this tonight thinking about tomorrow but by the time you read it it will be today and I would have written this yesterday. Just something to get you thinking. No clue if that made any sense to you. I tend to confuse people when I speak at times lol. Anywho, to my point. I got home and was starving so decided to eat some fruit and yogurt. Since I was eating I figured I would get some reading in. I was only supposed to read until my snack was gone but next thing I knew it was 8pm and I had finished Wicked Beat. It was lovely! I loved it!I hadn’t done anything I said I was going to get done today and then I remembered I was going to do a Still on My Mind Post. After finishing Wicked Beat nothing but the Sinners On Tour Series was on my mind and since I am pretty sure I already posted about that I started thinking about tomorrow…today.

Tomorrow always stresses me out. I start to think about it and panic. Besides the fact I know I am going to dig myself into a big hole if I do not start managing my time better I tend to feel pretty confident about the semester. I tell myself I am going to kick-ass these next couple months and then I start to think of everything at once and decide nope the semester is going to hand my ass to me. I have my good moments and bad ones but either way I just have to try and get through it.

I am finally starting my internship tomorrow (today) and am beyond excited and nervous. My site supervisor seems pretty cool and she says things just go by day by day so I have my semester goals/tasks planned but I am just going to see how everything goes. I hope I love it as much as I think I am. The hands on/real life experience will be very beneficial. I am looking forward to it.

Now if I could only stick to a solid plan with everything else and stick to it my life would be so much easier :’)




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