Girl Behind the Blog: Will I Ever Catch Up

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State of the Onion by Julie Hyzy


So lately it has come to my attention that I have a lot going on…go figure.

As you all know, or might know, I am in a medical program right now that takes up much of my free time. Since I’m at the hospital all day and have to come home to find time for homework, blogging, reading, and a social life I need to schedule my time better. This posts and the rest of the posts that I will probably be doing weekly or biweekly will probably not be super interesting to you but they are going to help me. I figured if the information was published on the blog it might give me the motivation to stick to my weekly goals and get everything done that I have to and want to do each week. So I’m going to give a break down of what I want to happen this week and there will also be an overall schedule of events listed for my schooling for the rest of this semester.


This Week:

I feel like I’m drowning in projects and I really can’t get into a book lately to save my life so we shall see how my week goes. If I can get through the entire month of October without a stress induced mental break down I will consider myself happy with life.

I hope everyone else has a better week than me.

Finish PET Paper
Discussion Initial Post

Send Sue Handouts
Finish Yours, For Now

Read 25 Pages of a Book

Theory Quizzes
Discussion Post Reply One
Read 25 Pages of a Book

Discussion Post Reply Two
Read 25 Pages of a Book

Discussion Post Reply Three

Group Project
PET Oncology Case
Cardiac Project



Sept 16th: PET Net field trip/ Club Nuc Med/ Image Eval

Sept 23rd: Nursing Presentation

Sept 24-Oct 31st: PET Rotation

Oct 7th: PET Class Paper Due

Oct 14th: Theory Group Presentations/ PET Oncology Case Due

Oct 15th-17th: ARRA Radiation Training

Oct 21st: RPDS Theory Due, Theory Practical Final, Lit Review Due

Oct 22nd-23rd: ARRA Radiation Training

Oct 25th: PCI Field Trip

Oct 28th: No Theory Class/ Cardiac Project Due

Nov 1st: PCI Field Trip

Nov 4th: No Theory Class

Nov 11th: Holiday No School

Nov 20th: ARRA Radiation Training

Nov 22nd: Image Evaluation DATScan/ Bone Video Due

Nov 25th: Annotated Bibilography for PET Rotation Due

Dec 2nd: PET Class Case Due

Dec 5th: ARRA Radiation Training

Dec 6th: Research Paper Due

Dec 9th: Finals



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