Stephanie Reviews The Boy Book by e Lockhart

The Boy Book by e Lockhart

The Boy Book by e Lockhart was a great young adult contemporary that I almost missed. I almost missed it because I really thought that the first book in the series was just so-so. I had this book in the TBR pile and I have to say that I’m glad I gave this author a second chance.

Ruby Oliver is like a whole different person now. Therapy with Dr. Z seems to be helping. Ruby is being proactive and doing things for herself. It’s almost like night and day. In The Boyfriend List Ruby was okay with being in a passive aggressive relationship because it was better than being alone. She missed her friends who were treating her like crap. Ruby couldn’t see how a life lead alone could be better than a life with shallow people and being unhappy. I’m not an incredibly social person and that part really stuck with me from the first book.

I loved watching Roo grow. She grew lots in this book. Roo gets a job, she is more independant, she goes from missing her friends to missing what she had with her friends prior to the Spring Fling. I feel like Ruby is really starting to get her priorities straight. I really have high hopes now that I’ve seen some character growth. I will be continuing with the series and I’m excited to see how Roo gets through the rest of her junior year at Tate Prep!

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