HP Read-Along Week #20 Order of the Phoenix 19 – 24

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Week #20

  • 1. Proffesor Umbridge pulls rank on Professor McGonagall (thanks to a new educational decree) and issues George and Harry’s punishments. If you were Professor McGonagall would you be able to hold back your true thoughts?
  • 2. What do you think of Hagrid’s work for the Order? Do you think it will have done any good?
  • 3. A lot happens the night before the last day of term. What do you think of Harry’s dream? Or his reaction to Dumbledore when thier eyes meet?
  • 4. Neville’s situation is revealed on Chrismtas Day. What do you think about that scene??
  • 5. Two time in this section Rowling refers back to Chamber of Secrets (Lockhart & Ginny). Do you enjoy these pointers to past experiences?
  • 6. What do you think of Dumbledore’s decision to have Snape teach Harry occlumency?
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