Harry Potter Read Along Week #21 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

1. This doesn’t bode well for anyone. Ten high security prisoners escaped Azkaban and we know Sirius didn’t do it. At this point, if you had been on the Ministry’s side to start, how would this affect your position?

Had I been on the Ministry’s side prior to this, I would hope that I would recognize that things were getting too out of hand to believe Fudge any longer. Nothing was heard from Black for two and a half years. Sure, they were reporting sightings but there was nothing solid. Then all of a sudden Black is able to go back to Azkaban and get ten of Azkaban’s most wanted out from under the Dementors without a problem? And the people who are buying this garbage can’t believe that Voldemort is back?

2. Do you think it was wise for Hermione to call in a deal with Rita?

I’m not sure. Clearly Rita needs the work but she’s been out of work for several months or close to a year. The thing is that Rita’s readers are going to look for her in the Quibbler. I think that had it been me, I would have run it by Dumbledore first. It paid off. Hermione’s pretty smart, I don’t think she’d do something that wouldn’t pay off. It was a calculated risk.

3. What do you think of the Professor Trellawny sacking scene?

It makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t understand people who find pleasure in tormenting others. Umbridge gets a sick satisfaction out of hurting people that either don’t meet her “standards” or who don’t fall in line with them. She thought that Trellawny is a joke. Even if she’s not a great teacher (and let’s face it, she’s not) but she’s still a person. I don’t necessarily believe in showing everybody respect (that’s something earned, not given) but I do believe in showing decency to every person we come upon. To watch this unfold was just horrifying.

4. What do you think of James and Sirius now that we’ve seen things from Snape’s point of view?

Again, another example of situations that make me horrified. I have to admit that I very much would have been like Reamus Lupin in this scene. I have a hard time with confrontation even if I know what I’m confronting someone about is right. This is the first time that I really started to look at Snape as something more than an a-hole who loved to torture Harry because he and James Potter were sworn enemies.

5. The secret of the DA is out. How do you feel about Dumbledore’s “sacking” and Umbridge making herself headmistress?

As one of the paintings said, Dumbledore has style. I loved that he wouldn’t “come quietly”. My biggest concern is what the future holds for the students of Hogwarts with Umbridge as Headmistress. Umbridge was already taking several liberties with the full support of the Ministry. Now that she is acting Headmistress she won’t have to get the support of the Ministry and all the things she wants to do won’t have a minute’s hesitation in being carried out. The part I loved the most? The fact that Dumbledore’s office sealed itself against her!

6. Hagrid comes clean with Harry and Hermione. How do you feel about Hagrid bringing his giant brother into the Forbidden Forest?

I’m very concerned about Hagrid. I understand feeling familial obligations. Who doesn’t feel those? The problem is that Hagrid has been working with Grawp for several months with no visible progress. If Grawp was half human, it would be no big deal. Grawp is a full blooded, granted runty, giant. He is from the same camp that a few months previously had an assassination with a head being torn clean off a body of a full grown and large giant. Grawp’s tendencies are going to be very hard to correct. I hope for Hagrid’s sake that something can be done to help Grawp.



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