Forget Me Never

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18-+-300x110 Forget Me NeverTitle: Forget Me Never Author: Sable Hunter Publisher: Self Published Publication Date: Sept 2012 Classification: Adult Novel Content: Mature Themes, Sexual Acts Summary from Goodreads: Some truly lucky people experience a love so great that nothing can separate them. Distance, misunderstandings or even death are not powerful enough to stop the longing and the hunger and the desire to be together. Patrick loves Savannah. He is a Marine who faces danger on a daily basis and his greatest fear is to be forgotten. Savannah loves Patrick. Because of the circumstances of her birth, she has grown up never knowing what it is like to be touched or hugged or accepted by anyone. The haunting mists of Louisiana, the ravaging horrors of war, and the remnants of an ancient disease will try to pull them apart, until their destiny draws them together and they discover a love so perfect that it will last forever.

My Thoughts:

I’m almost done with this series… one more book to go and I’m so sadden that it’ll be ending soon.  I certainly hope Ms. Hunter dreams up some additional hot Bayou/Cowboys to write about!  This one was sort of talked about in it’s predecessor, Burning Love, but I wasn’t aware of that till I started reading this one and freaking way the fuck out!!  This particular installment is not a light-hearted read, but more like a heart wrenching, gut stabbing, and hands clenching tale that will have your tummy in so many knots, you’ll probably pass out from the anguish! Savannah is one of those types of people that you just know… you could walk up to her on the street and just know in your heart she’s seen and been though so much more shit than most.  Her eyes would tell a story of heartbreak, ridicule, and isolation.  Even though you’d see happiness and aspiration in her face, if you looked really deep, you’d see that was a cover up for much deeper turmoil!  She’s certainly been placed up there with my top 10 much loved heroines.  Now Patrick, how to describe him.  Smart, brawny, beautiful, kind, loving, and above all dedicated to his cause and the people he loves the most!  The way these two met and fell in love just warms my heart and swoons the heck out of my heart!  Great supporting characters in Patrick’s friends and Savannah’s!  So many chuckles and snickers had at the hands of those crazy peeps! The way this book flowed and kept me enthralled from beginning to end is no little deed.  I have to say, lately the books I read have to have a certain sort of angst, mixed with the right amount of sex appeal and humor to keep me engrossed.  Well, this has it, as does every other book by Sable Hunter!  I actually like how the point of view altered between Savannah and Patrick to give me each of their standpoints on things.  It’s 269 (kindle version) pages long and 269 was just right.  Not too extensive, not too short… just long enough to bring you to your knees and have you laughing, weeping, and then laughing again, seemingly all at the same time! I can’t say enough about this book.  If you read Burning Love (the predecessor), you’ll get a glimpse of Patrick and Savannah, but it won’t be what you think… and DON’T think too much, because when you get to Forget Me Never, you’ll be clutching your heart almost right away!  Looking ahead to the next chapter in the Hell Yeah! Cajun Heat series, Finding Dandi!  Thanks Sable for one of the most captivating series I’ve read in a long time! 5deb



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