Stephanie Reviews Debutantes by Cora Harrison

Debutantes by Cora Harrison

Debutantes by Cora Harrison…..*sigh* This is one of those books that makes me all ranty. It’s not that it’s a horrible book per se. Hmmmmmmm…well that’s not entirely accurate is it? I only gave it a 2 but really that’s only because I wasn’t horrible bored throughout the whole thing.

The story was not what I thought it was going to be at all. The book is called Debutantes. You’d think that would be a book about girls making their debut and balls and boys and all that a deb’s season entails. It’s not. The debutante story line was a secondary plot and not even that great.

Instead the book is really about four sisters living in poverty with their father (who hides rather than face his children and their poverty) and thier great aunt who still tries to live the life they once had with virtually no budget. The story does start out focused on Violet, the oldest daughter, and her season. Naturally she must marry a duke in order to help her younger siblings. Nothing less will do. The story mostly focuses on Daisy. Daisy is one half of a set of twins. She is apparently a film director in the making.

Now is the part where I get ranty and all sorts of spoilers are gonna be unleashed. I’ll try to hide the major ones but you’ve been warned!

The major issue that I have with this book is that there is no major conflict. As soon as a conflict comes up, some whimsical stroke of luck comes along to remedy the issue. Violet’s father can’t provide a season. No money after all! But wait! Violet’s godmother is a duchess! *headdesk* Then Violet goes and outshines her godmother’s daughter so naturally the godmother declines sponsering Violet. Then this mysterious Aunt Elaine, whom no one has seen or been in contact with for over a decade, just happens to be in London and Daisy’s film mogul godfather’s employee came back on the same boat from India and heard a friend of Elaine’s use her name. Oh! Oh! Then Violet gets a freakin’ PRINCE snarled in her web and she decides she’d really much rather have the second son who will have to *gasp* work for the rest of his life. Gah!

Can you hear the sarcasm dripping here? Before I completely ruin this book for everyone I’m going to sign off this review. Clearly I didn’t enjoy it but if you’re looking for a book that’s complete fluff and no one really struggles this is the book for you!

4 responses to “Stephanie Reviews Debutantes by Cora Harrison”

  1. I totally understand your frustration! I read a zombie book with much of the same NON conflict issues. A zombie book! I may still read this when I want something fluffy to read. Love the cover!

    Fabulous review! 😀


    1. Exactly! Stupid cover! I can understand wanting to set up a plot line where everyone ends up happy in the end (I read romance for that reason) but to make it so that the conflicts mean that no one can be happy by the end and to wave a magic wand to make it all happen just sets my teeth on edge.

      I know if I had gone into this book with lower expectations, I wouldn’t have been so volatile in my reaction.


  2. Looks anywhere but at you

    I am so lame! I’m so sorry–I dropped the ball on this one! Let me know if there’s something else you’d like to read together and I PROMISE we’ll do it. Pinky swear.


    1. No worries Ruby! I know you’ve been busy. 🙂 To be honest, I felt pretty strongly in a negative manner towards this book so I think that it was definitely a less than ideal selection for me to do a read-along with. I would be terrified I’d skew your thoughts on the book.


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