Wicked Beat

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wicked beatTitle: Wicked Beat
Author: Olivia Cunning
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: Aug 2013
Classification: Adult Novel
Content: Mature Themes, Sexual Acts, Male/Male

Summary from Goodreads:

From the moment he lays eyes on Sinners’ new soundboard operator, drummer Eric Sticks is completely smitten. Rebekah Blake loves the uninhibited fun she’s having and thrives on Eric’s daring in the bedroom, but she’s got good reasons for not committing. Through role play, voyeuristic games, and lots of sex talk, this pair of kinky lovers must overcome their inner demons to have the perfect relationship they both secretly desire.

My Thoughts:

I love the Sinners! I have fallen for them ever since the first book and I’m an avid fan who has been impatiently waiting for Eric’s book to come out. I know Trey’s book has already been out for some time because the books were released out of order but I have been determined to read them in order which meant waiting for Eric.

I do have to say that I never really felt that the reader gets to see much of Eric. Sure he is in a lot of scenes as the third party who is watching his band members get laid but who is he!? I’m so happy that I got to see the fun loving side of Eric as well as some of his darker secrets in this book. He really is a great blend of sweet and naughty and I loved that he had a problem with his over the top sex drive and that he needed to find ways to control his excitement. There were so many scenes in this book where Eric just melted my heart because he wanted to be there for the woman he loved at every turn, even if some of those turns were harder to take than others.

Then we have Rebekah… I do have to say that starting out the novel I wasn’t that happy with her. She wanted to jump into bed with Trey and at times I felt like she was using Eric in the beginning. I did like the scenes where Trey was involved in the love making because come on ladies it is freakin Trey Mills but I mean I just didn’t get why Rebekah wanted him when she had Eric. I will say one of the scenes with the three of them was very hot on the steam factor and I was certainly throwing Eric out the window to read more about Trey. (Why no I’m not excited for Trey’s book at all…back to Eric!). Also I do have a small complaint that Rebekah and Eric said they were in love with each other a little quickly for my taste.

Overall, I am really happy that this book didn’t completely follow the same storyline from the first three books. I felt that the first three books always ended with someone getting in an accident or injured and I was getting very exhausted of that storyline so I am really excited this book didn’t go down that same dreaded path. Now on to Trey and more Sinners!




5 Responses to “Wicked Beat”

  1. Sam @ Realm of Fiction

    I’m glad to hear the storyline in this one was a little less predictable. Eric sounds like quite the character! It’s always interesting to get different sides to a love interest, so I’m happy to hear he has a sweetness to him too. And ha, I hope you enjoy Trey’s book. 😉

    Lovely review!

  2. Deb

    Wowza… I gotta get my ass on this series just to get to this book…. yum!!!

  3. Pragya

    And I have to read this series. Want to read this one so bad! Must pick it up right away. I skimmed through your review to steer clear of spoilers but realized what I need to do is read it!!

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