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18-+-300x110beautiful bitchTitle: Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastard 1.5)
Author: Publication July 9th 2013
Publisher: Gallery Books

Goodreads Summary: 

Picking up where Beautiful Bastard left off, Chloe Mills and Bennett Ryan continue their steamy, combative relationship.

Just when Chloe’s career starts to take off, Bennett wishes it would all slow down long enough to spend a wild night alone with his girlfriend. But after he refuses to take no for an answer, Chloe and Bennett find themselves with two plane tickets, one French Villa, and a surprising conversation that, predictably, leaves them wrestling under the covers.

My Thoughts

Beautiful Bitch was such a quick read. There isn’t too much to say about it but I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you. Alexa and I both got to read and review Beautiful Bastard a few months ago and I really liked it. It wasn’t perfect but it was very addicting and I was looking forward to reading more by Christina Lauren. Of course I wanted to get to read more about Chloe and Bennett so I picked this one up.

Beautiful Bitch continues their story and you get to read about what Chloe and Bennett are doing now after their reconciliation at the end of Beautiful Bastard. These two are still as argumentative as ever but  very much in love. Finding a way to balance their time with work and spending time with each other has become their biggest challenge and you get to see that in flashbacks. This one wasn’t as steamy as I thought it would be though but I guess with their time apart and the length of this book I should have been prepared to be left wanting. I still very much like Chloe and Bennett after reading this so mostly my lack of love for this one (still enjoyed it though :)) had to do with setting my hopes too high and that their actual vacation time was so short. I was hoping to have a little more time with them actually finding time together towards the end.

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