I’m Back!!!

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Hey guys! *waves to my internet friends* How’ve you been? Have you missed me?!?! I’ve certainly missed you! Summer always seems to ramp up for me. I find my weekends to be jam packed with family and friends. Weekends also happen to be the time when I get most of my bloggy biz done. Ya see the problem?

I have to admit that since Once Upon a Chapter started flying solo I have not learned how to time manage. I have; however, found the motivation to teach myself no matter the cost. On top of bringing back regularly scheduled awesomeness, I have a list! Ha! Bet you saw that coming. 🙂 I have a list of blogging chores that I want to get done. I’ll keep a check list of the major projects off on the side bar.

Here’s the list:
*Revert web design with some changes. – I thought I loved this design when I finished it. I was wrong. Now every time I go to my own site I feel like I’m looking at poo. I’m going to switch it up and make it lighter and more airy (for lack of a better word). – I have to say that I pretty much freaking love Thesis. Changing all of my CSS was pretty easy. The only real issue I had was getting my blockquotes down.

*Update all reviews with UBB Plugin

*Check all posts for formatting (800+ posts, this one is going to take awhile)

*Post all reviews with links to GoodReads

*Post all reviews with links to LibraryThing

*Post all reviews with links to BookLikes

*Post all reviews with links to Amazon.

*Draft Tackling My TBR posts through end of year.

*Draft discussions through end of the year.

*Draft Operation:TBR Reduction posts through end of year.

I also want to get in the habit of visiting my favorite blogs to check for new content. So that’s how I plan on spending the rest of my 2013!

If there’s a positive to glean from my hiatus besides a much more chill Stephanie, it’s that I have a tan! Sort of. At least my legs won’t blind you with the whiteness….okay my legs still might, but my arms definitely won’t. Definitely. 🙂



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