HP Read-Along Week #15 Goblet of Fire Chapters 27 – 31

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Check back for my answers and link up tomorrow!

Week #15

  • 1. Do you think it was wise for Sirius to return to Hogsmeade?
  • 2. What do you think of all of the information that we’re getting about Voldemort’s previous reign of terror?
  • 3. What do you make of the scene with Barty Crouch, Harry, and Viktor Krum?
  • 4. We’ve seen more of the aftermath of Voldemort’s fall through Dumbledore’s through the penseive. What are your thoughts?
  • 5. Again we have two boys who are pretty selfless. Both Harry & Cedric feel that the other boy deserves the Cup more than himself. AGain I have to ask: what would have done?
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