Harry Potter Read Along Week #18 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

1. What do you think of Harry being tried by the full Wizengamont?

It shows weakness on the Ministry’s part. For anyone else this whole incident probably would have been cleared up via Owl Post. Because it’s Harry Potter and Harry has become Fudge’s number one enemy, he is being tried by the whole Wizengamont court. It looks silly and foolish. PLUS if they’re trying to prove to the wizarding community that Harry is an unstable, lying, juvenile delinquent, wouldn’t trying him by a full court show just how much attention Harry truly demands?

2. What do you make of Dumbledore’s behavior after the trial?

I think Dubmledore’s decisions so far have been interesting. He has, through the course of four books, almost always made the right decision so he clearly has a reason for behaving the way that he is. I can totally understand Harry’s hurt, anger, and frustration. The story is largely told from Harry’s perspective, so as the reader, we too are cut off from Dumbledore. It’s funny because he’s not really a huge part of any given book (meaning his appearance isn’t constant like Ron and Hermione) but I really feel the absence now that it feels like he’s avoiding Harry/us! πŸ™‚

3. Ron and Hermione are made Prefects. Harry is not. What are your thoughts?

*sigh* And now we get to the reason why Order of the Phoenix is my least favorite book. Harry is such a whiny baby that I want to jump through the pages and kick his blubbering ass. I mean come ON! It’s hard to watch a character develop over time and then they start acting all human. It just feels like Harry acts like such a little martyr and that really gets under my skin.

4. The Ministry of Magic has inserted one of their own into Hogwarts. What do you think this means?

I think it’s pretty simple and straight forward. Dumbledore had made the comment during Harry’s trial that the Ministry did not have the authority to expel students from Hogwarts. Not only does a Ministry teacher work as a spy but it corrects the oversight that Hogwarts is a completely separate entity from the Ministry.

5. Speaking of the Ministry Implant, what do you think of “Professor” Delores J. Umbridge?

From the little I’ve seen of her, I can’t stand her! She’s a pencil pushing Ministry loving nut job. No one interrupts Dumbledore and gets away with it! She also makes me a little bit sick. Forget all the Voldemort crap for just a minute. I’m sorry but there is no way that reading from a book can ever prepare you for the real deal. I mean I’ve read The Hunger Games but you don’t see me jumping up and volunteering for that mess! Honestly I have a feeling my teeth will be grinding trough this whole book.



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  1. Michelle @ In Libris Veritas

    Somehow I actually managed to forget how much Umbridge pisses me off. I think it’s because I’ve only seen the movie lately and while I still hate her, the actress did a fantastic job. But reading it…ugh!
    Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Harry was being a brat…

    Michelle @ In Libris Veritas recently posted: Harry Potter ReadaLong Week #18
  2. Shannon

    Harry is being a bit of a brat, but I sympathize with him because no one really can understand where he’s coming from. His experiences are so different than everyone else’s–losing his parents, detesting his muggle family, being targeted by Voldemort, and witnessing Diggory’s murder–no one can understand him. No one really know’s what it’s like to go through any of that. He feels misunderstood.

    Now, I would argue that the #1 way to get people to understand you is to open up more and communicate a little better. Instead, he just broods and sulks. That’s what annoys me about this book so far.

    My responses are posted on GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1430852-order-of-the-phoenix-2.

    • Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

      The silent brooding teenager has never been a real favorite of mine. For whatever reason I can totally dig it in romance. By the end of this re-read, I really ended up enjoying it. It’s always been my least favorite but it worked this time. πŸ™‚

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