Harry Potter Read Along Week #14 Answers

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It’s important that if you are re-reading this series that you answer the questions based only on the knowledge that we have so far!

1. Would you have taken Cedric’s advice immediately or, like Harry, let pride get in the way and wait almost to the last minute?
I would have taken his advice immediately. I’m far too much of a goody two-shoes to let that go for too long! I would have rather satisfied my anxiety of getting the clue solved then have been overly worried about what Cedric was up to. It seemed like he already knew and there was no reason to believe that it was a joke. Usually when I’m feeling prideful is when my tongue starts to get sharp and gets me in trouble!

2. Would the fact that Hagrid is half giant sway your opinion on him in any way?
I would think not. I mean Harry doesn’t know enough to know the difference. Ron would know of the stigma being born and raised in the wizarding world and Hermione would have known from all of the books she’s read. With that being said, all three of them have spent in inordinate amount of time in Hagrid’s company and several times in his care. I would hope that having that kind of experience with him that the giant stigma would amount to the same fact that

3. What is your opinion of Rita Skeeter now?
Pretty much the same as before, I don’t much care for her. I don’t typically care for people who are that in your face and pushy. With Rita I don’t think that those qualities would stop with just her job. I think that because these personalities traits are so strong in her career that they would also carry over to her personal life as well. Rita also has no respect for personal boundaries. She didn’t think twice before she printed that article about Hagrid and caused Hagrid a great deal of personal stress and Dumbledore quite a bit of havoc in the way he runs Hogwarts. To be honest, I get the feeling that the more dirt Rita can swing the better she feels her job has been accomplished.

4. What did you think of the second Triwizard Tournament task?
The second task would certainly ensure that the champions tried their hardest. I thought it was adorable that Dobby wanted Harry to find his “Wheezy”. I also loved that Krum’s thing he would miss the most was actually Hermione. I think that it really showed that not all Durmstrang students are followers of the Dark Lord. I really like the Viktor has chosen to befriend Hermione so intently that he is going against his headmaster’s wishes. I liked the incorporation of the mermaids and really enjoyed the fact that Rowling’s mermaids are nothing like I thought they should be!

5. Do you think Harry was silly to wait on the bottom for everyone to be reclaimed?
No but not because I’m being a sheep and thinking Harry can do no wrong. Harry made the right choice based off of the information that he had available to him at the time. He’s only been involved in the wizarding world for four years now and even at that pretty much cut off during the summer holidays. Add to that the fact that their was an age restriction that he somehow was able to override coupled with the statement that Dumbledore made about people dying during a Triwizard Tournament and Harry had every reason to believe that the poem was true. In fact, I agree with the judges. Harry risked ruining his own score for the lives of the hostages who might not have been rescued.



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