A Previous Engagement

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Bran New Death by Victoria Hamilton

A Previous Engagement

Title: A Previous Engagement
Author: Publication Date: July 9th 2011

 adult romance

Goodreads Summary: 

Tessa Monroe knows how to do exactly two things: climb her way up the corporate ladder and cheer up her best friend Christian Douglas, the main man in her life since paste was a snack. With the exception of a Ring Pop proposal and a pool-side kiss in college, not much has changed between them in 25 years. Now that they’re all grown up, the two friends find themselves headed down two different paths: Tessa looking for her dream job and Christian looking for his dream girl.

Luckily for Christian, Tessa knows just the girl who’ll mend his heart after a bad breakup. But when things between Christian and his new girl Savannah start to get serious, Tessa isn’t feeling the pride and happiness she expected… In fact, there’s something weird in her heart that she can’t quite name.

With no plans for romance or marriage, Tessa isn’t prepared to confront her true feelings for Christian. After all they’ve been through together, can she risk her heart, his happiness, and their friendship by telling him the truth? OR does she run away from the romance that began in the third grade?

Friendship and romance combine with messy results, but A Previous Engagement celebrates the humor of real-life love in a story that resonates as honest from beginning to end.

My Thoughts

Tessa and Christian have been best friends since they were small children. With a long and strong friendship like theirs you would think nothing could tear them apart. Unfortunately, both Tessa and Christian are looking for different things in life. Their struggle with getting everything they want is just the thing to test their friendship. Tessa is trying to be fully focused on work. She wants to build a great career and Christian is ready to settle down. His plans now entail finding the girl for him. When Tessa decides to be the good friend she knows she is things begin to take a turn that anyone can see coming.

At first I really liked Tessa. She just seemed cool but as the story progressed my opinion of her wavered. I didn’t dislike her completely but how she handled things sometimes  were annoying. You just want to smack some sense into her. It is nice have a goal, something to strive for. Tessa has her goals and is an independent women but that isn’t all their is to life. She didn’t think much about how she might balance things. She just took the stand that she could only have one thing. Christian on the other hand was adorable with his wanting to have a family of his own. He decided it was time and wasn’t scared of making a commitment. Although this was nice he wasn’t much better then Tessa with his actions. He knew what he wanted but didn’t full on try to get it. He was looking like he was going to just be willing to settle without too much of a fight.

The friendships were my favorite part of the story though. I liked the connection that Tessa and Christian had and liked reading about their past and how the friendship began. Their interactions with their other two best friends were also funny and cute. There was a lot that was pretty adorable but there wasn’t anything particularly exciting about the story as a whole. It wasn’t bad but it just wasn’t really anything new. I would have liked more passion, more pushing for what they want and not being so understanding. Even with it’s predictability it was still cute and fun for what it was.





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