Tune In Tuesday: Avenged Sevenfold, Fist To The Sky, Cartographer

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Tune In Tuesday was once hosted by  Ginger @greadsbooks.com. Katelyn over at Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands now hosts this weekly meme.

I know I do not participate regularly anymore but I honestly need to get back into this and go an have a listen to what everyone else has shared as well. I always get to hear new things when checking out everyone’s Tune In Tuesday posts so I’m not sure why I’ve been so bad at it lately. Going to have to fix that. Anyways, here are my picks for the week. Avenged Sevenfold isn’t new to me but I have been listening to them the most lately. Just a few days ago I would tell you I have no idea who Fist To The Sky or Cartographer are but when artists follow me on twitter I try and make it a point to check out their music. Would hate to miss out on something good. Hope you hear something you like too 🙂

*Songs link to YouTube

Avenged Sevenfold

Its really hard to not to link up a bunch of songs but I restrained myself somehow.

So Far Away
Buried Alive


~ Website ~ Twitter ~ Youtube ~ Facebook


Fist To The Sky

Another Lesson Learned


~ Website ~ Twitter ~ Youtube ~Facebook



Patience and Madness


~ Website ~ Twitter ~ Youtube ~ Facebook



2 Responses to “Tune In Tuesday: Avenged Sevenfold, Fist To The Sky, Cartographer”

  1. Karen

    I find a lot of bands through seemingly random follows on twitter lol I guess it works because I do check them out.

  2. Katelyn

    I have found some awesome music through the random Twitter follows! I am really liking Cartographer’s song!

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