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3 Year Blogiversary Giveaway! (Open International)

Photo Credit: Stock Free Images That’s right! Once Upon a Chapter is 3 years old! Woot! Woot! When I started this blog with Lisa in 2010 I didn’t think that I’d still be doing this three years later! I didn’t have a clue what blogging was really all about. I thought I’d post a review of a book when I finished it. Maybe some people […]

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff *Alexa’s Review*

My Thoughts: When I picked up this book I was so excited for a darker YA story about a paper valentine killer who was coming for Hannah. I soon started the book and realized I was in for something very different than what I thought I was going to read. I will admit to only making it through about 100 pages of this before I […]

Tackling My TBR Thursday {12}

Tackling My TBR Thursday is a new weekly feature at Once Upon a Chapter. I’ve used a feature before to highlight books in my TBR pile. The difference with this feature is that once a week I am going to highlight a book from my TBR “pile” (any book listed in my GoodReads profile before 2/7/13; clearly preorders do not count) that is going to […]

Balancing the Book Budget April Check In

Monthly Balancing the Book Budget Check-In! MY RULES: I can purchase 2 books a month (Either Kindle or Paperback) I can download free books but must track them. I can borrow up to three library books in one month. I can use 1 Paperbackswap credit per month. (The exception being wishlist items because those come up when they come up.) I can receive books as […]