On Dublin Street

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My Thoughts:

Oh wow I have no idea how I’m going to write this review without just plain telling you how awesome this book is. I haven’t read a book in the romance genre like this in a while.

Jocelyn is such an interesting character because from the start she puts up these walls and fronts that make you think she is this strong and confident person who always has a sarcastic remark. Over the course of the book you learn that while she is strong she has some weak moments concerning her past and the things she believes are her fault. The blame she places on herself is intense and I loved watching her both succeed and fail at the same time. Then there is Braden…*pulls out a fan* you know how all the women all over have picked up Fifty Shades of Grey to fall all over the sexy business man and his red room of pain? Well let me just tell you Braden is the sexy business man that doesn’t need a dumb red room in order to take control, in order to read Jocelyn better than anyone else ever has. Braden doesn’t need whips, chains, gags or anything to win his lady over, to see directly into her soul, to melt your heart and leave you laughing at all of his sarcastic remarks. Move over Fifty because Braden is in town and he is so much better. This character is so strong and perfect that he might just make my top 5 list. Yes you read that right, he might make my top five fictional men list from adult books.

His eyes narrowed. “I said, I don’t like to share.”
I thought of Vicky. “That’s not what I’ve heard.”
“Let me rephrase.” He took a step toward me, seething. “When it comes to you… I don’t like to share.” (pg. 123)

Watching these two try not to fall for each other was such fun. I loved their banter, it was what made me hard pressed not to fall in love from the first few pages of the novel. I’m a sucker for that sexy, sarcastic, nerve racking banter that two people can have with one another. I love when two people can challenge one another in and out of the bed room. When two people can fall for each other no matter the differences. I loved not only watching them but I enjoyed the side characters of Ellie and Adam also fighting their love for each other. Add in a mix of panic attacks when real life finally catches up to you, Jocelyn’s guilt over things in her past, and Braden’s determination to be the one man for her and you have a blogger/reader/woman who is very satisfied with the book she just spent all of her time locked up in.

“You like that, babe?” he murmured, his eyes returning to my mouth. “Do you like my hands on you?”
“Or”- his head dipped and his lips brushed softly against mine- “will any man’s do?” (pg. 124)

Overall, I could barely put this book down. I lost sleep over it but a gained an amazing read in the process. I loved every minute of this one. I want more! Braden and Jocelyn were so flawed but so perfect I just can’t stand it. I need more and since I love young adult books I need to give Young’s other books a chance, especially if there are hot teen guys in them that are just as special as Braden was.

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3 Responses to “On Dublin Street”

  1. Pragya

    Wow! I have been wanting to give this one a read since forever and after that amazing (read scorching) review, I think I’ll get to it right now! And I’m glad it’s not Fifty shades.. because I couldn’t get past the pages in that book.

    So glad you loved this book, Alexa which means I can give it a go ahead and get on with it.

  2. Bianca

    Okay need to get my hands on this one too! I’ve had it on my tbr list but must make it a priority to go buy it 😀 Glad you loved it.

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