Harry Potter Read Along Week #8 Questions

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Here are the questions for Week 8. Answers should be posted on May 20th.

  • 1. Harry uses the Marauder’s Map to get to Hogsmeade. We’ve already discovered we’re a group of rule followers, so my question is what place in Hogsmead would you have gone too?
  • 2. Is anyone else annoyed with Professor Trelawney? The woman is driving me batty! Do you believe in psychics? If not psychics, do you believe in any thing that would fall into a similar category?
  • 3. Hermione snitched out Harry’s new gift to Professor McGonagall. Do you think she was right?
  • 4. We finally get Snape’s impressions and feelings about Harry (though really it’s James Potter he hates) and why. Thoughts?
  • 5. The strain of Hermione’s course load is starting to show in her behavior. If you had to put a label to yourself, are you on over-achiever (like Hermione), a level-headed achiever, or an under-achiever?
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