A Taste of You

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a taste of youTitle: A Taste of You
Author: Sorcha Grace
Publisher: Premier Digital Publishing
Publication Date: April 2013
Classification: Adult Romance Novel
Content: Sexual Scenes, Mature Content

Summary from Goodreads:

Beautiful and talented Catherine Kelly is starting over as a food photographer in Chicago. With her painful past buried over 2000 miles away, she’s focused on her career and is hungry for little else. Until she meets a wealthy bachelor with arresting blue-grey eyes filled with enough tragedy to match her own. William Lambourne is a gourmand who takes great pleasure in food and in women. He’s rich, powerful, and gorgeous — and as talented in the kitchen as he is in the bedroom. From the moment they meet, William is determined to discover the perfect recipe to unlock Cat’s resolve, awaken her senses, and make her his own. He urges Catherine to step out from behind her camera and fully taste all that life has to offer, stirring an appetite in her she never knew she possessed – and it’s one only he can satisfy. As Catherine begins to fall for the stormy-eyed billionaire, she knows she must reveal her own dark secrets. But first, William must win Cat’s heart to ensure their pasts don’t undo them.

My Thoughts:

Lately I keep pushing adult books to the side for teen stories because I just can’t seem to find an adult romance that will blow me away. I find that the genre is slowly becoming one I’m starting to regret reading. The sex in these type of books use to be amazing, sensual, and erotic to read about but it seems authors lately are toning down these books. Making the sex scenes very dull or repetitive. I’m happy to say that while this book did struggle in certain areas that the sexual scenes felt pretty real and not over the top. They seemed pretty perfect for this contemporary book.

I have to say that when the book started I really wanted to like Catherine, she was suffering from a loss in her life and I wanted what was best for her. I wanted her to step up to be a strong woman who could handle her fears and her past. I know how hard it is to handle past mistakes or wish so much that you could change the past so I was right there on that emotional level with her, at least in the beginning. I also did like William from the beginning because I knew he was going to be one of those control freaks who knew what he wanted and was going to try to fight for it.

As the story went on I have to say that Cat and Will did get on my nerves just a little. During their relationship there were so many ups and downs that it started to make my head spin. It seemed every time that Will did something Cat wanted to second guess she would get all freaked out about it and throw a hissy fit. I can see getting upset at a few of the things he did but you can’t throw a fit over every little drop of water that was spilled from the glass. Some of the little things were things that Cat should have let go. Choose your battles, fight for the important things, not the petty things.

Overall, I did like this story at times because Cat and Will could be great together whenever they were in the middle of one of those juicy sex scenes. I just wish they were able to work better together outside of the bedroom.





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  1. Deb

    Great review sweets… I think I’m gonna pass on this one… have so many others that I think might be 4 to 5 stars…. Hope all is well with you….

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