Thinking About…Eating Habits

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Thinking About…Eating Habits

So I am aware that this is a random post but random is what I had in mind when deciding I would start writing Thinking About… Posts. I just realized I have yet to talk about any movies but I guess I shall save that for another day. Today I wanted to talk about eating habits. I was eating a slice of pizza with a friend the other day and it dawned on me that I have really strange eating habits. You know just those little things you do when you eat that seem totally normal to you but then your friends/family laugh at you for doing it. Okay maybe its just me and that doesn’t happen to you lol but since we were talking about it I was like “hey, I am going to go write a thinking about post about this!”

So what are these weird habits of mine (that I don’t find so weird but others do)? Well there are a couple.

  • First of all I always smell my food or drinks before I drink/eat it. I think that’s a smart idea but that’s just me.
  • I can’t stand boxed macaroni and cheese or tuna but you put the two together and I will eat it. I know it might sound gross but my mom used to make it like that when I was younger. I rarely (maybe once or twice a year)  eat it but its the only way I will consume those two food items.
  • I rarely eat my pizza the “normal” way. I tend to always pull off the toppings, eat the crust, and then eat the toppings. I get laughed at the most for this but ehh.
  • I believe the best way to eat a Reece’s is to start with the middle and then eat the outside 🙂 I never eat them any other way.

I’m sure there are more (probably one’s I haven’t even noticed yet) but that’s all i’ve got for today. Do you have any habits your friends/family find strange or am I all alone here? What are they? Leave a comment and let me know 😀






7 Responses to “Thinking About…Eating Habits”

  1. Reading Angel

    I always divide my M&Ms or Skittles by colors then make sure I have the same amount of each and eat them one of each over and over til they are gone 😉

  2. Danielle

    I always smell foods that are new to me before I eat it, especially finger foods.

  3. Candace

    Hmmmm… the only thing I’m thinking of is when I’m eating candy that has an outside coating I eat (or suck) that off first. Not really that weird though. My thing is that I’ve gotten super conscious of everything I eat so I’m not only vegan but I won’t eat anything GMO if I can help it. I also juice. So when I’m with anyone outside my immediate family it’s always an issue. I’m going to visit my family in SD in June and I’ll probably have to ship myself food before I go because buying all organic non gmo is going to be hard. I’ll also have to buy a juicer just to use there. And they all think I’m insane. But I have my fingers crossed that I can teach them a few good habits!

  4. Pragya

    LOL, you have some weird ones.. me. When eating cookies that have cream sandwiched in between (don’t know what you call it), I pull them apart, eat the plain one first and then the one that has cream on it.

    Also, when eating a cake pastry, I divide it into two – up and down parts, eat the down part first (sponge cake) and then eat the topmost part (which has icing on it). Don’t know if any of this made sense to you, lol!

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