Sunday Snapshots (25): Festival of Books & New Associate Reviewers!

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Mentioned in the Video:
Andrea @ The Bookish Babe
Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

Pages of Forbidden Love Snapshot:


This week is about time that I share the news that we here at Pages of Forbidden Love have added two associate reviewers!
We are so lucky to have both of them join the blog. They each will have anywhere from 1-2 reviews up each month so be sure to check those out as they happen.
Here is a little about each lovely lady…
Associate Reviewers:

Pragya– Hi, I am a 25 year old Clinical Psychologist, currently doing PhD in Clinical Psychology. I read just about everything I can get my hands on and at times that includes acknowledgements in books (yes, the thing that you skip by). I love reading those since they give me so much insight into an author’s self. Oh well, enough about that. I read everything from fiction to non-fiction but I primarily love reading YA, thrillers, fantasy, romance as they take me into an entirely different world, the world that has no textbooks in it. I have some quirks, one of them is I NEVER read a book blurb before reading the book. As to how I know which book to buy or read, well, keep guessing. Another quirk of mine is that I read 10 books at a time (when the books are really good, else the number notches up to 15) because I’m too attention deficit to stick to one. I love the blogging world and thanks to it, have around 4000 books on my to-be-read list.
Connect with Pragya:  Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Deb– I’m your normal, run-of-the-mill Midwestern Mom!  I’m pretty much a slave to my family so when I’m not waiting on my 21 year old, my 7 year old, or my crazy hubby, I’m buried in my Kindle!  I practically don’t go anywhere without it.  My husband calls it my “boyfriend,” that being said, I bring my “boyfriend” to bed each and every night!  Not that the hubby minds, especially when I read him a HOT bedtime story!!  In addition to reading, I enjoy cooking, hunting, camping, and most outdoor activities!  I believe in reviewing everything I read because how in the heck are the authors going to know what we like and loathe for future books.  Book reviews are highly personal and reflect the opinion of the reviewer: ME, so don’t feel like you have to like a book because I do and vise versa with dislike!  Happy reading peeps!
Connect with Deb: Goodreads

Be sure to check out Pragya’s review of Leo
Be sure to check out Deb’s reviews of Dirty, Fallen Too Far, and Never Too Far

Reading Angels Snapshot:

Reading Angel

Angela @ Reading Angels reviewed This is What Happy Looks Like! Also be sure to go visit the lovely ladies because Loretta from Between the Pages decided to join forces with Angela to become a part of Reading Angel, now know as Reading Angels!



9 Responses to “Sunday Snapshots (25): Festival of Books & New Associate Reviewers!”

  1. Pragya

    You got such great cheap hauls from TBD! I haven’t read anything by Jennifer Ashley, you’ll have to let me know how the books were. I love historical fiction.

    Thanks for the introduction. 🙂

    P.S. Johnny, ‘heart rending’ is a word. :-p

    • Johnny

      heart-rend·ing or heart·rend·ing (härtrndng)
      Causing anguish or deep distress; arousing deep sympathy.

      Well look at that,. it is a word. Still sounds awkward to say in a sentence. I do not like it one bit.

  2. Bianca

    My phone doesn’t try to correct it or say its spelt wrong so I am guessing it might be. lol.

    I am loving J.R, Ward too 😀 Ahhh I want to read the Collector. Hope you love it!

  3. Lisa (Lisa's World of Books)

    Thanks for reminding me about Lover At Last! I don’t know how I forgot. I have been listening to them all on audio. Now, I need to finish the 5th and 6th Night Huntress books on audio so I can get to Lover At Last.

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for making the video longer I didn’t have to drive Stephanie up the wall with You Tube videos right away tonight. The 10 minute video brought on heartrending when I realized it was over.

  5. Stephanie @ Once Upon a Chapter

    Aw! Thanks for the shout out guys! 🙂 You two really do crack me up. I love watching the two of you together. Alexa, I don’t think you’d get rid of Johnny even if you had the chance.

    It looks like you got some fantastic reads. I didn’t even know about that big of a discount from Book Depository. That’s a big discount. I’m trying only to buy ebooks but sometimes it is so hard to resist those paper books!

    • Johnny

      Actually Stephanie, Alexa cannot get rid of me. We have a contract together. If she attempted to get rid of me,. legal action would be taken.

      In all seriousness…. thank you very much for the kind words. We enjoy having the chance bring smiles to people’s faces. Oh and books and stuff.

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